An unusual book.But no.And once you get used to it, you takes a new turn of the plot, there is a more interesting idea.I love books that are revealed gradually. "England, England" is exactly the case.We do not have coped.Barnes excellent asks questions about the morality of modern society, about the meaning of words and how fake can be a real original.Do we get answers to questions, buried or explicitly expressed in the book?

First, the story is developing so rapidly that all the waiting, when characters can not cope with the speed and fly down the slope.But fly it?

But fly it?He masterfully plays with the idea of dystopia and comes to clear, but unusual for this genre conclusions.Of course not, although in some way, and yes.Is it possible to realize the most crazy idea, if your motto is "do not ask how, just do it"?All are mad, or, on the contrary, has finally understood the meaning and purpose of your life?

What people are looking for: happiness, love, money, simple pleasures?Can I lose the modern self and find the original, from the last time?Barnes did not say directly, but may hint.Read it - a pleasure.

Fars, the game and the truth in all possible variations.

, England 4 out of 5 stars