I previously treated with skepticism to the ancient poetry, unfair considering it boring, old, boring - the conventional stereotype of dusty ancient Greek treatises.But when I began to read and learn the names of Sappho, Anacreon, Corinne, Catullus, and other leading talented Greek and Roman poets, when I grasp the meaning of the line, which are more than two thousand years, bright remarkable translations of Pushkin, Lomonosov , Golosovker, Grabar-Passek and other poets, translators, I used to forget about everything and read, plunging into this, and knew many poems I am very popular.Each poem - nuggets of wisdom and meaning, and this book is an encyclopedia of Greek mythology, which I love, and even so happened that while reading a book, to inspect the sixth season of "Xena Warrior Princess" and I was a full immersion in the ancient Greece and Rome.

Antique lyrics 5 out of 5 stars