seems a little haze scandal surrounding the affair at the time of first publication, it has reached our days.Numerous references to "Anna Karenina" in assorted works intrigued volume novel scared, and then there was a film that left a lot of questions, and most importantly: "?It was decided, and, fearing graphomania great classic, I started to search for answers to questions.I could not find answers to your questions with regards to the state of mind of Anna; her emotions, thoughts, inner metaniyamudeleno so little attention and is quite superficial.But Levin's theme with its peasants, land, arable land and harvest revealed completely, inside and out, and pleased Lev Nikolayevich is nearby, smiling and waving.

While on the other hand, in terms of time, manners and personality Vronsky finals was probably a foregone conclusion even before the train.So I have the impression that the scandal was brought to the attention of the novel, which actually disclosed favorite subject field champion of peasant life, Leo Nikolayevich looking for cheap popularity.

Anna Karenina (set of 2 books) 4 out of 5 stars