events of the first novel in the series "Strange game," interrupted a very interesting episode in the bathroom.The second part has turned out no worse and no better than the first.If you do not pay attention, that in the hands of a book with a different cover, then I do not feel this point, the story gluing.The first part of the four main characters stood out from the rest of the characters, because they were devoted to their cynical game and feel chosen, reveling in their own impunity.Yes, the world turned upside down.

Kogan try very hard to make the story of four friends the most holistic, where every detail fits perfectly into the overall picture in the right place at the right time. "A world where the opposite is true" - this is a very eloquent name.The second part is devoted entirely to retaliation.Now the cool guys do not create problems for others, while they themselves are trying to rebuild their lives and to stay afloat, as a mysterious silhouette on the rock mural in their favorite institution.Moreover, the author does not punish the characters, because they are bad by default.They themselves have simulated a situation in which the hit.Again noticeable cyclical story in the form of a funnel.

Moreover, the author does not punish the characters, because they are bad by default.They themselves have simulated a situation in which the hit.Again noticeable cyclical story in the form of a funnel.Now the pendulum returns on the reverse path, giving victims deserved reward friends and making villains suffer.For me, this banal truth that does not need to look for reasons, but just enough to be happy and enjoy the new day to be happy, that positive energy attracts good, etc.

Last time it was a circle of desire, revolving around four axes friendly.Generally Kogan very much attention to Transerfing reality.But I know some grumbling on the lives of people who can not come to this philosophy alone.It seems that they are purposefully looking for a small chervotochinkoy, then to say with satisfaction: "I told you that life - the pain, and you did not believe me." With this pessimism we face every day against their own desires: "And something to rejoice Power steals, utility bills have increased, s / n cut, prices rose?", Etc.Even in the entertainment genre there are things over which it is worth considering.

Yes, it's the same whiners as Egor.This is what I am the thread of reasoning?

This is what I am the thread of reasoning?Now for the most interesting part of the book - it's characters.Newest stories from the life of strange characters are not connected to each other, but then again, all the threads are interwoven butterfly effect.

I like how the author weaves into the plot of the new heroes.For skeptics, there will be too much of a coincidence, perhaps.With Yegor readers partially familiar with the first part.Of the four old friends at first wanted to complain that bitch Lisa became a fool in love, that is absolutely not her way.My sympathies entirely on the side of this heroine.

Then there was the opportunity to know his life in more detail.But in the final chapters of the newly spotted her pragmatic mind, so would expect chapters devoted to her.Among the new characters I liked Tubis.If he initially seems reflective sufferer from unrequited love, then just the frost is on the skin of it.Well, it is worth noting cheerful Rita, which became an angel of retribution.

That is the most dark horse from which the jaw drops in astonishment.Again, the psychological profile drawn up correctly.It was she who was the main link.As always, the book ended up at the most interesting moment, so you want to quickly proceed to the third part.

A world where the opposite is true 3 out of 5 stars