The Apollinaire became for me - it's a surprise.Storming of the Bastille again.How, then he was?His poetry - poetry Parisian, intoxicated with love, yearning for a dream, a city-being, past and present, and regrets the Self.What I saw - novelty, moving inside the tradition, the word revolution, hidden epithets cold waves of the Rhine and green hair never loved mermaids (this side of Apollinaire - mystical, folklore, romantic was a surprise, too).Every day will pour his song of universal intoxication, he sings for his entire generation - into eternity.

Can I speak about the form, if only familiar with the translation?He begins his story with the past and turn to the future, but one does not leave him never - awareness of his genius and his vocation because forced (between times we watch his talk with other geniuses, conscious of his genius).

Alkogoli 5 out of 5 stars