Once in 10-11 years, I chitalaKuhnyuetogo same author, I do not have absolutely no recollection of the plot, the characters, but there were images and feelings from reading.To read this book, I needed a certain state: to me it is almost never given to the house, but on the road, when you have headphones playing your favorite songs, and the window to slip winter forest, the soul spreads warmth and peace, there is a full immersion into the story .Still, the literature lays a huge imprint culture.

I am a little familiar with the works of Japanese and Asian in general, the authors, because they do not always read them to me and easy and interesting.And the Japanese have some completely different philosophy of life, iimenno this philosophy permeated as it seems to me, this whole book.I react very strongly to this and therefore the final turned to me with a certain bitterness.And there s no borders or edges ...

Although for some reason, it's hard to call the final finale, it creates the feeling that we were shown only a specific slice of life heroes, and the borders of the book is life and continues.

Amrita 5 out of 5 stars