In place of all that I love: juicy picture, dynamics, fighting, arguments about the eternal and the full set of vampiryug as the selection, from prim classics and ending with the creatures who came from the back side as if preispodney.Snayder Albuquerque and continue to keep the brand , for what they are to me a mere mortal thanks.The new volume - a new step towards one of our times, is now in the case there is a war, new lands and new challenges have long prizhityh in the field of the history of heroes who, like the ghosts of the past, but still continue to walk on this sinful earth a shadow of a shadow.Well, we can not ignore topics that sometimes ordinary mortals are more madmen and monsters where there vampiryatniku to takogo.V general, everything is fine, we walk on, "Survival of the Fittest", though not very impressed, but it apparently I have overdosed fascism theme.

American Vampire. Book 3 5 out of 5 stars