Forgive me, dear fans, but I absolutely did not like the book, and is hardly torn book chapters.Further spoilers, but if you're wondering why you should not read this book, read, dear readers.Here Tessa goes to college without her boyfriend because he is under the age of one year and meets Hardin, of course once there is a huge passion and this "good girl" begins to create with Hardin's why this book rating of 18, after each, so to speak, 18, Hardin does something rude or says something rude (surprisingly, it's "bad boy", as they always give the girls rose and fill up their plush toys), Tessa immediately begins to poke him that she (you will not believe) there's a guy and he's so wonderful !!!And then they find themselves alone and over 18 again, she pokes him that she has a boyfriend, which (attention !!!) she really loves madly (true love is there, you see?), They parted again, and so it continues until until Hardin himself does not tell all this her boyfriend, of course Tessa offended, because it is a monstrous deed !!!And that I have less than half of the book describes, then simple: if you're wondering what happened, toopredelёnno ​​should read this book if you think delirium described above, do not even begin his acquaintance with the novel. ;)

She begs her to forgive Man, who, by virtue of "great love," forgive, but asks no longer meet Hardin, guess what makes Tessa?

After 4 out of 5 stars