A year ago, I was lying took the book in his hands in a hospital ward.I did not know how popular it is.It turns reading the inside out and he can hardly convey all the emotions that feel from reading it. "On the roofs of the city are countless moons mirror, the radiance of a thousand suns, its nestled walls" Attractive title.

Just took it and began to read.It is written in simple, but it is not easy to read.I met with Afghanistan.

Interestingly, but not easily.I, like many, the name of this country is the association with the war.Before the Taliban began to dismantle the state on the stones. "- Remember well, my daughter, the man always blame the woman.

The author also showed how this country was before the beginning of the chaos.In the.Love, fear, the pain of losing a child (one to his karma for it).Frankly, this is not done ever, more than once, even your favorite books do not read, but she is determined deserved to praise her perechitali.Moi author

A Thousand Splendid Suns 5 out of 5 stars