If the myth according to a specific clan tartan concrete, invented by two enterprising Welsh in the 19th century, turned the truth, the clan of Scottish history would have received a personalized fabric black and red: it is difficult to choose a different combination for this convoluted cocktail of wars, destruction, poverty, and such traditional national activities, as an attempt to get out from under the English heel, which southern neighbor and tries to kill the inhabitants of Alba.Only later on this harsh toast intricate form he generously spreads itself historical chronicle: the state of the Picts, Gaels invasion, feudal fragmentation and centralization, Presbyterianism dawn Association of Thrones, education, immigration and post-industrial decline of modern times - the place is for every important segment of the Caledonian record.Informative and order of the narrative, devoid of stale putrid smell of dead figures and dehydrated facts - all that I need from a good history book, and the work of Neil Oliver this standard more than matches.

Without going into absolutely microscopic detail, the author tells the story in detail and charming; he has a good figurative language with an admixture of a healthy dose of pathos, by which known with a legendary characters like Robert the Bruce and Mary Stewart appear in three dimensions, and a list of dates is not transformed into a hectic release Numberwang.

A History Of Scotland 5 out of 5 stars