& quot; The investigation is conducted ... & quot; What distinguishes this novel many other investigators - he zhiznennyy.Syuzhet, both from the criminal chronicle, absolutely real heroes with their daily problems, perfectly understandable social complexity in Sweden - especially in light of recent events (if the book was published in February 2016), and that as for the detective - that, as in life, nothing to anticipate!Oh no, there really.uh, "extreme situation", and you'll be cooked in all of this together with the detective Kurt Vallanderom.Kak I cooked bated breath, without sleep or food.

Versions of many strings to it are, the strings are cut off, a dead end, a new development, in parallel there is some regular rear ...Good book I e, in the living exactly the start to read from the end and spoil your entire affair.

Killer Without a Face 5 out of 5 stars