This book I first read ten years ago, and then she made ​​a good impression on me.That was flattering to the young man with his faith in human omnipotence.Editor "Schrödinger cat" Gregory Tarasevich was looking for a reading of his 14-year-old daughter.

Years passed, and now I'm already 30 and this book is found among the recommendations of the reading of the modern teenager.It was interesting to me.Now book Weller looks much worse.

Re-read.And the problem is not even the fact that the protagonist of a doctor and because he obliged all his patients, and the common man, this will not be repeated.A person do not need to do anything, just once in your life, there is such a Zvyagin and make you change, and along with the girl in love with you and will rescue from gloom.He just has a good time, manipulating the feelings and all the others.This book was first published in 1991 and already the wind blowing in the opposite direction.In our times, the market economy is to read very much diko.V general, read Major Zvyagin is not necessary under any circumstances.And yet for some reason it seems that the author banal vulgar

So it is unlikely that this book will bring up a decent man and grazhdanina.Otdelnaya problem of the book - it is through her ​​Sovietness, everything is solved through connections, including professional prostitutes.Even the story of the emigration problem with one of the heroes in the United States sounded, at least, strange.Anything good it will not teach you.

Adventure Major Zvyagin 3 out of 5 stars