Reviewed on how to win over a protracted did not bring me a proper satisfaction.I fell zhertvoysobstvennogo ignorance and stereotypes in the school years, when the young teacher, perhaps sociology (feel ancient fossil) talked about the concept of "Utopia".Trailer "minus" sign to utopia, I, without going into details, automatically trailer "plus" to the dystopia, and no arguments, arguments, experiences, dictionaries and even (xux) Vikipediyane could not can still knock out of my mind Robust error in terminology and its definition.After reading the novel, I was once again convinced that the fantasy, even in this form is alien mne.Poznakomivshis with the main characters, I, unfortunately, was unable to (or do not have time) penetrate them.Julie left for me at the stage of sexual adventuress, Winston - at the level of the office plankton.You're right - I answer, and write it in the detachment office plankton "bold" .Chitaya novel, struggling with its own genre stereotypes, rejecting created in the book model of the world, I am still trying to understand the author's message.Yes, it is impossible to fight the system alone.

Neither Winston nor Julia made ​​me bright emotions, but in the love story, and I do not believe it.Oooo, you -prigrozite me with his fist - he is alone against the system!Yes, the book is realistic and it is terrible.Yes, it is easy to make a mistake in itself, not to mention around you lyudyah.Da, black and hopelessness, which draws Orwell, is suitable as part of dystopia genre, but yolki ...

Black is not the only one in the panel, even if 2 * 2 = 5 !

1984 5 out of 5 stars