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  • Leader and the group. On the structure and dynamics of organizations and groups

    Interestingly, although the terminology I'm slowly starting to sink. That is, everything is clear, Bern is always true to his principle that any explanation must be clear and the child, but "we call it-so,

  • Leaves of Grass

    finally finished reading! I not too long reading this collection, but could and quickly. The problem was that as soon as I was arranged with a book on the couch, twenty minutes later I certainly sleepy.

  • Legends red sun. Book 1. Night Villdzhamura

    Familiarity with the title book series "Legends of the Red Sun" is actually the first page as if it is not set. Not impressed neither peace nor tie and everywhere a great variety of imagined sending it

  • Lemegeton. Lesser Key of Solomon

    is probably best known (at least to me) grimoire containing information about Christian demonology and the Goetia. After watching the "Battle of psychics," and the TV series "Supernatural" is the most

  • Let the dancing polar bears

    who are "polar bears" in this book? So the boy Lasse calls the father's work colleagues, then my family before the collapse, it is referring only to himself and the pope. There are a few words about these

  • Levels of life

    "... in every story of love is hidden sorrow future history" "That's it, then do not understand those who are not able to overcome the Tropic of grief when a man is dead, it is, for example, means that

  • Leviathan

    Less than two weeks later, I again gave a promise to write a review of everything that I read, so I will not introduce an exception to this rule) In the third book about Erast Fandorin takes place in a

  • Life After Life

    "Cradle hang on a branch, the branch shakes let baby. Cradle hang on a branch Oh, drop the branch Kids "English folk (?) Line of fate ... The question of human destiny depending on predestination (inevitable),

  • Little Baba Yaga

    What a wonderful book. Very good, my dear. Indeed, such a witch hardly going to be afraid. After Little Baba Yaga did only good, why, and being branded bad. Only a good witch, which is all the time only

  • Little Mr. Friedemann

    This is a small but very meaningful story. Stoic philosophy of the protagonist makes you wonder. At the same time, the story is very sensitive, it was all a surprise to me. But the history of the final

  • Little Women

    Very light and bright book. But do not forget that it was written in the 19th century, there is a place of morality, aimed at raising the younger generation. But modern girls would not be harmful to read

  • Live. Book 1. We can live among humans

    This book always gets me in the eye: in the film, in the tops, in games, in some contextual advertising; so do not interest me she just could not. Although young adult I love and read often books of this

  • Lolita

    Like it or not, a stunning novel. Realism (to disgust) and openness (ad nauseam) can not leave without emotion. Indignation, anger, disgust, and other avoidable feelings, emotions, too. Bright sun-drenched

  • Lomonosov

    impression ambivalent. On the one hand, well, of course, that the author shows the University is not a monument, but a man. And on the other - too relished all his faults, and human and scientific. Just

  • London River

    With what enthusiasm and delight, I began to read this book and what kind tyagomotina she came to the end! Such an encouraging start - like Neil Gaiman and ever, and to the end - children's series "with

  • Lonely souls

    first I liked this book, in spite of the Russian character names (since accustomed to Amanda after Lida Ivanova was difficult), but then started this nonsense. I did not like the eternal Musi-Pusey, a

  • Lord HolovlevС‹

    "Lord HolovlevС‹" -sotsyalno-psychological novel Saltykov-Shchedrin, and trudnС‹y mrachnС‹y, but read Nuzhny ego. The plot lies History Rod landlords HolovlevС‹h, PA headed kotorС‹h Arina

  • Lord of the Flies

    in the 12 years I was so boring to read it. As I remember, "What is with them How much can you talk about the same Why so many names Boredom???!" ... and I slammed on seredine.Seychas I'm 22 and I like

  • Lost youth Cafe

    This type as "A Moveable Feast" Only 40 years later, also bored. Paris as a character, mood and atmosphere of the city through its people and so on. This is not for me. Relatively speaking, this is the

  • Love in the Time of Cholera

    TrГЎnsito Ariza used to say: "Only the plague was sick in my life, my son." Of course, it is a plague confused with love and began to confuse them long before her memory confused okonchatelno.Dve disease

  • Love lives three years

    Men love perhaps no longer a secret that the majority of book-lovers of the world with the word "France" is associated Frederic Beigbeder. The writer, whose name excites Europe now is not the first dozen

  • Lovely image

    What is this book? About life, throwing woman experiences the vicissitudes of fate. What I did not like? It book would be completely mine, but I was bored and if it would not be long trips on public transport

  • Lullaby

    Lullaby From the book "Lullaby" I began to get acquainted with Palahniuk. Home was a strange, all those memories of the protagonist only intrigued, but koneeets, he made ​​the whole book, I

  • Madame Bovary

    For me, this is a book about a woman who does not know what he wants. Always hovering in their fantasies and dreams, and what they are exalted, the more it attracts. The book is about a man who wants nothing

  • Madiken and Pym of junibacken. We are all from Bullerby

    Every small child and the boy and the girl there are 200 grams of explosives or even a pound. Should he ride and jump, all missed jerk feet, otherwise it will blow fuck-broads and is not! Wonderful story

  • Magus

    One of the most recommended books in my circle of acquaintances. I waited for a second meeting with the author breathlessly, afraid of disappointment. After all, "The Collector" stole my heart from the

  • Maker, Fira and Andrew (+ CD)

    Black keys "ChFiA" - a book of memories emigre pianist Gavrilova. Summary of the book (spoiler): childhood prodigy, education English governess, victory in every conceivable musical competitions, international

  • Man thinking

    This is the best book on the psychology! Very few books on psychology, which can be so mesmerized and not let go of yourself! Book listened without interrupting, she really inspiring. You can open any

  • Manhattan Project. Volume 1

  • Manhattan Project. Volume 2

  • Manolito Ochkarik

    If you feel strongly that your eight year old boy does not know the word "ass" (nuuu ... or at least not used in speech), then pretend that you have not read this book, do not confuse the child. Ironically,

  • Mantra Oman

    This a very mystical story turned to the confusing plot. It seems, and it all began as a banal story about a love triangle so to speak. But it was not there. We pulled into such passions that it is simply

  • Marabou Stork Nightmares

    Z.ETOMU no excuse Irvine Welsh is perhaps the most interesting author of the psychedelic genre. His works are always full of deep meaning and, in practice, at the click of the fingers become cult, even

  • Marco Visconti

    "Messer Marco was an excellent knight and extraordinary man, proud and brave, brave warrior, as no one in the Lombardy region in a desperate battle. He did not suffer from an excess of prudence, but, if

  • Marianna. Star for Napoleon. Emperor Favorita

    "And just go on a long journey ships, only the waves hit and splash overboard" .Vporu write to the "History" of this book, because it involves a lot of my pleasant thoughts and memories. Yes, this time

  • Marked for Death

    interesting medical thriller, pathologist Lori finds a connection between the bodies arrived, that their death was not natural. But the autopsy they find nothing but corpses all come and happen all in

  • Marquis

    "Marquis" is based on the famous esinskih "Diaries". Author of "I" splits nasovremennyh Dante and Virgil. On the one hand, it is - the Marquis de Custine, experienced and sober observer capable of objective

  • Married off forcibly

    about the traditions of Tradition, these traditions. But I do not want primarily to readers confused the laws of Islam and the traditions of the Middle East. According to Islam, women can not be beaten,

  • Married to the cloud. Complete collection of stories

    not finished reading. And not because I do not like the genre of "stories", but because it is very much like a far-fetched, uninteresting subjects. That God is in 36 persons, the heroine thought and thought

  • Martian

    Oda tape and tarpaulin film, shot on this book, I looked for a long time, but only to seychas.Zadumka got the original book itself, the language of writing I really liked - vividly written, with humor,

  • Martin Eden

    in the very middle of the book to me crept sadness. Looking at the man through the pages, I thought about how stupidly I lost that amount of time. It is calculated not just for hours and days and years.

  • Mary Poppins

  • Marzipan heart

    I love Olga Gorovaya immensely as a writer, but ingda it crosses the line in the amount of jam, which we coat the book. Seriously. In previous books in this series even if the conflict was, and everything

  • Master and Margarita

    is not easy to write a review of a book, which has already been so much said, retold. Nevertheless, I will try. First, I liked the product. I wonder why I had not read it. I admit, sometimes it was scary

  • Master dreams

    not so much me was read at Pehova, but in the process of reading "Dream Master" I'm trying to figure out just what the book Pehova different from his books and co-workers. So I do not understand - probably

  • Meet Mr Mulliner

    , ladies and gentlemen! Sit back, let me offer you a cup of tea or something stronger, yes for connoisseurs of the genre, we certainly have "Vzbodritel" shh ... Mr. Mulliner has taken his favorite chair

  • Memoirs of a Geisha

    Memoirs of a Geisha begin with that the book is excellent! Easy narrative description of a closed and mysterious Japan, with its traditions and way of life, not like other stranu.Pervaya thought after

  • Memorial Day

    After I made ​​the mistake of reading "novels of Agatha Christie", written by Osborne, wanted to flip through a real lady Agatha, in order to remove an unpleasant aftertaste. We had quite a

  • Memories of Corfu

    A nice collection of short notes, memories. Just something forty-something pages of text, plus photographs. But this is the Teo of books Darrell)) However, memories are more about Theodore Sr., Lawrence

  • Men in Black

    The same film, only cooler.) Exciting interesting. The book was written almost exactly on the film. Even the replica, in fact, word for word. But the highlight is that the idea of heroes and anti-heroes

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