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  • MesopotamС–ya

    Dozens of people and the fate of the main characters in the images of nine stories. Harmonious and Jolly. There are no morals, conclusions and morals. Conclusions reader is invited to make, food for thought

  • Mess-Mend

    That's what I love. How to explain that the book is just for you? All factors converge - an interesting (though difficult and scary) time, to the best of ironic and parodic, with good and fresh ideas,

  • Messenger. Book One: The Tin Star

    . "The Messenger of Tin Star" - the beginning of a great space opera. Imagine Commonwealth planets where technology have advanced significantly. Create different types of robots, everything grows and thrives.

  • Methodius Buslaev. Magician midnight

    for the first time met with Methodius very, very long time, I must have been thirteen years, but no more. Then I madly liked the book, I was thrilled and almost delirious main character! By the way, I

  • Metro 2033: To the distant blue sea

    two days ago became the proud owner of "KDSM" book. It is happy, because the fact that I found in this book, has surpassed all of the recent and relatively long-read not only in the category of "life after

  • Metro 2035

    It is different. Today finished reading Metro 2035. Impressions were mixed. The atmosphere created in the first book is almost gone. Fantasy, horror, who kept in suspense is not in sight. Here, on the

  • Metro 2035

    & quot; I am ready to die for you was, and then die and something no one to & quot.; I would love to be bribed critic. Well, you know, so who gives a coin for what he internets every talentless

  • Mice

    Can a mouse to become a cat? Can. Because no one can predict how it will behave in a given situation. Coming even in the most extreme point and fight back - this is quite possible. But whether the mouse

  • Mighty Thor. In search of the Gods

    rating falls short of the Quartet did not surprise me - it is customary for the comic book, but two reviews with twos upset. Thor. Rebirth - is the beginning of the third series, I liked it and I decided

  • Milk of blood & # 039; S

    Ooy. I am shocked by purely tseyi books. At first I perceived it as a kind of comedy-parody. Then I threw in the heat of anger, with Stephen Mary I just finished off his selfishness and stupidity. I could

  • Minuscule

    Stephen King & quot; minuscule & quot; Even when standing in the store and pondered buying "minuscule" smunivalasya she like me as "11.22.63". It turned out nothing. Expect a lot of blood, guts,

  • Mirgorod. Tale of

    Nikolai Gogol - one of my favorite writers. How could I have lived without his creativity - do not know, but I did not want to build this kind of assumption. Reading compendium "Mirgorod" will give you

  • Misery

    'Misery' - my first book King, and probably I would long put off an acquaintance, if not a book club. In my head I was living the stereotype that the author - a second-rate, because the book covers looked

  • Misery

    very strange aftertaste left after himself King horror novel - "Misery". Just want to point out the fact that I was not afraid; neither physically nor psychologically, but closer to the middle of the book,

  • Missing

    neutral evaluation set only for the ending! Only me she "warmed", but the story itself maniac disappointed me, because too the author still tightened. It is a lot of talk, empty action, but nearing the

  • Modern Italian. Workshop on grammar

  • Mom, I love the pilot

    close to me theme-pilot, as here you can go by? The positive reviews and I kupilas.I yesterday he has started reading the book, already wanted to throw her out of sight. What do I expect?

  • Momma

    Lizzie made ​​the wrong choice (beware spoilers) I decided a long time, put the book one star or five. Because if you look at the book of superficial glance, it's pretty boring and clichéd

  • Monday begins on Saturday

    Everyone - the magician in the shower, but it becomes a sorcerer only when he begins to think less about themselves and more about others, when it becomes more interesting work than fun in the old sense

  • Moon Chronicles. Cinderella

    Cinderella story - a fairy tale with a happy ending, where the ugly duckling finds her prince. There I also expect that the end will be happy, everything will fall into place and will: and they lived happily

  • Moon. Escape from the palace

    Honestly, I was disappointed. I waited an interesting story in the Oriental style (which was promised in the annotations), and received a vague plot, bizarre anatomy and the main characters, and all the

  • Moonstone

    It was awesome !!! I am glad that Collins did not meet me at a young age: without specific reader of luggage, I would probably have been able to not fully enjoy the mastery of this author What I liked

  • More Actions

    Tale of forums and chats about life in the network. About destructiveness substitute real life virtual. About network hooligans-trolls, shitting and normal users are able to bring to the suicide of people

  • Moscow-Petushki

    Benedict Erofeeva & quot; Moscow-Petushki & quot; Benedict Erofeeva "Moscow-Petushki" 188 str.Yzdatelstvo Vagrius "If in the morning to man bС‹vaet filth and dinner on zamС‹slov prisoner,

  • Mostly Harmless

    And so it began ... well I'm not terribly pleased Regretters Trillian and Tricia. Random, throw stones, and did cause irritation. And all this confusion and multiple improbability and ironic retreat from

  • Mother human

    Read books about the war is terrible. And what should be a book about how some people kill other people? But books about the war, and even books about the human force of the heroism of the people, made

  • Moving Castle

    's always: the eternal prejudice to the famous book. At this time (the next happy!) Completely in vain. Although at first I did not even think that I would have liked, so much. The book is for children,

  • Mr. Mercedes

    strange feeling, "Mr. Mercedes' - this is the second book, read at the King me. Very, very difficult to describe my feelings. On the one hand the book I won, on the other hand - pushed. Possible spoilers!

  • Mr. Mercedes

    I can just say that my opinion of the book is quite biased, because I can not get rid of emotions from Hannibal. Pretty unusual to read King in this genre, although its "classic" book, I do not like. However,

  • Murder on 81st Street

    Ah, Dorian. You're starting to annoy me on a par with Lucifer on FOX, just do not jump out of his pants in an attempt to show the world its uniqueness. Never before action for action's sake was not so

  • Murders in the imperial city: a novel

  • Musical Children

    As a child I longed to study music, playing the piano. I was sent to a music school and talked about a good start. But something went wrong (and I know very well that). School I still graduated with honors,

  • My Family and Other Animals

    Fascinating, simply fascinating. Of course, Darrell is not a writer, he was a naturalist and lover of the animal world, but I hope that someday I will learn at least half as interesting to write about

  • My Name is Lucy Barton

    … I thought, Pity us. We don’t mean to be so small. Pity us—it goes through my head a lot—Pity us all.Одна из героинь Страут

  • My secrets Museum

    sad book about anything. So I described this book. The style is light, but the constant jumps from past to present and back, but still with a lot of names for me were the cause of constant confusion. The

  • My sister lives on the mantelpiece

    is very touching and sad story. The story about all of us. The story of how we cling to the past, holding on to their sorrow and resentment, cling to the experience and miss the past moments of this sincere

  • Mystery Lady Audley

    Very I love these here "nezhdanchiki" when nothing much expect from the book, and it suddenly shoots. Yes, and how! Victorian novel in the best of its manifestations. Then there are the family manor, and

  • Mystery Nightingale

    Wonderful English detective. With all provisions entourage, weight suspects, possible motives and clever inspector who "sees three meters deep." Probably no one sorority has not been able to dispense with

  • Nails

    author does not add to the atmosphere, and said in a light almost playful manner, causing surprise. Most draws vitality. The situations described deftly. The plot is not particularly impressed. Palahniuk

  • Naked Pioneer

    is a pity that few people read the book very difficult for me to describe their impressions of the book, but it is necessary poprobovat.Kniga begins as a story about a silly youngster Masha Mukhina, which

  • Nasty problems

    Disappointment in 1992, "creative people", not smeared with shit Soviet past, would have died of hunger. "Humor" is strongly reminiscent of those jokes that cook in the 80s godylibo in the prison cells

  • Natura Morta. Cemetery bitter orange

    & quot; all mixed up, people, horses, & quot; (c) I have familiarized with the book and the author of two opuses. Why do familiarized? Because read "oranges cemetery" delving into the story (which

  • Natural

    who would not say, and I liked the book. I do not have children any psychic abilities. All acquired life. the slightest facial expression, involuntary glance, gesture and posture, choice of clothing, and

  • Nausea

    Read it! It was struck by how and what the main character thinks, what problems he was concerned. He is about 30 years and it's so different from modern humans 30letnih us ... This book made ​​me

  • Nausea

    Nausea from inaction So I inform everyone that the work I do not quite get. No, like all he writes something right, everyone in moments of idleness there like the idea that we exist, and do not go in the

  • Nausea

    Ofiget how difficult it is to say something about "Nausea". This is "my" book, but it is very difficult to explain why and what exactly it I was hooked. Probably somewhere on the level of feelings and

  • Nekromeron

    If I could, I would put the novel Ugryumova and 10 and 100 of the five. The book is absolutely wonderful, kind, warm and at the same time wise and funny. I first read "Nekromeron" years twenties ... and

  • Never

    do not want to split hairs, you just want to tell all and sundry that the book I loved it, and it had a great vremya.Eto product created just to relax with a book and ventilate their brains, it seems to

  • Never

    Unbelievable !! The first and the only thing that came to mind: "Well, how do you like this book could have ended." I'm a huge fan of Neil Gaiman's creativity. But this book is - quite simply the best

  • Never

    Travel Lower London, it's not you walk down the street a warm summer vecherom.Zdes danger lurks around every corner, everything is misleading, and some places give rise to wild fear and hatred of the "underworld".

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