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  • New York. Art Navigator

    is not clear to whom this book is intended - for the specialist it is too superficial, too much for the amateur background information, for which it is impossible to see the scale of a particular artist.

  • Night Fire

    At Schmitt I read only collection of short stories "Oscar and the Lady in Pink," and if those of his stories were similar to the philosophical parables, ironic and tragic history, then this book is autobiographical,

  • Night in Lisbon

    probably occurs in every moment, who read Remarque's not a book, when I want to say to yourself, "Stop." And to postpone all the books Remarque aside. Too much pain, too much emotion too cruel time. And

  • Night in Lisbon

    If Munich is replaced by Moscow, and France to Moldova, Georgia or Ukraine, then under this quote subscribe to a lot of people. Amendment, a lot of people who read Remarque and understand that the author

  • Night movie

    I love scary movies. that it does not pugalochki around the corner, and the terrible, plunging into the abyss of despair pictures that are printed on the back of the eyelids and does not fade over the

  • Night storm

    Another instance of Scandinavian literature in my read. And success again. I think it will soon turn into a relationship. unhurried narrative Scandinavian place names that I have inside will inevitably

  • Night storm

    luxurious, atmospheric, very cool thriller. The book, which you feel the skin)))) Great-written at a leisurely atmosphere, seemingly narrative. But this slowness is not annoying. It enhances the contrary,

  • Night train to Innsbruck

    As I do not like all this filth of the Third World. Trains, dysentery, dehydration, Arabs, backpacks, heat ... All of this brings me to the gnashing of teeth, the romance of travel is not for me. Somewhere

  • Nightingale echo

    Reviewed naknigu AA Fet "Nightingale echo" I want to warn that person before you review, to put it mildly, not happy with the bolshinstvaobrazchikov lyric poetry. Proshuproscheniya among fans! Not mine!

  • Nikolai Rybnikov. One Love

    Being young, I did not quite understand my mother's admiration Nikolai Rybnikov. Whether business - Stirlitz Vyacheslav Tikhonov, and much later - Basil Lanoviy in the "officer"! Description catch, right?

  • Nine Days in May

    If you want to know about the sad fate ... Odessa and other Ukrainian cities, including Kiev, during the coup, read Kuprin Bulgakov Kozachinsky, in the end, but not this. No, I do not mind the pluralism

  • Nine Princes in Amber

    9 Princes Every time their tales. In the year of writing, probably, the book gained a lot of admirers. And now is probably, and maybe a lot. At the beginning of the book intriguing: the hero wakes up in

  • No Rules

    Paphos. Pathos. One strange pathos and "feelings" of the protagonist to Miroslava. I read it and thought not to continue, but the "INTO I'll read it?". The book is not for me. Characters - did not like;

  • Nocturnes. Five stories of music and nightfall

    family crisis: Five stories about infantilism and failures. My second acquaintance with Kazuo Ishiguro (the first book was "Remains of the Day") did not go as smoothly as we would like. He writes really

  • North and South

    Fourth time trying to write your own review of this book and I can not: write and erase) Just my attitude to this book came from straightforward. The question "Does she like me," I can safely answer "yes."

  • Not only Salinger ten tests of reading English and American Literature

    I agree with the previous otzyvom- if you do not find fault, the book deserves "five" .Kontsentratsiya idey- high. Each author in question, grabs something that will make you want to read it. And snatched

  • Notes mercenary. Serbia

    What can I say? It so happened that among my family a lot of those for whom the war has become a profession. They fought in Afghanistan, Abkhazia / Georgia, went to Chechnya, Transnistria and Yugoslavia.

  • Notes of the deceased

    for me the world of theater, probably always will be the most mysterious and unusual. Agree, appearing in the theater, you have little to lose touch with reality and begin to believe that the events unfolding

  • Notes urban surgeon

    I recently prochitalaZapiski district surgeon, the first book by Dmitry Pravdina. She's good. Memorized and causes a lot of emotions - on the pages of her life rages in the most diverse, bizarre, exciting

  • Numerous Catherine

  • Obsessed

    continue their acquaintance with the work of Vladimir Sanin. At this time, I read two stories of this remarkable author. Obsessed. And we are transported to the ship, commanded by Captain Chernyshev. This

  • Occult Stalin. The flowering red mages

    book tells of a time when suppressed dissent and persecuted in every way, any deviation from the line of the Communist Party !!! about the appearance in our country a completely new religion-ideology of

  • Ocean Patrol

    - Oh, plans, plans! - Stavridi laughed. - As they say, nacherchillili plans - and no ruzveltatov! - Hehe, - without a smile said the boatswain. - Wait Here, they nacherchillyat, and we are with you ruzveltatit

  • Ocean Patrol. In 2 volumes. Volume 1. Askoldovtsy

    - Oh, plans, plans! - Stavridi laughed. - As they say, nacherchillili plans - and no ruzveltatov! - Hehe, - without a smile said the boatswain. - Wait Here, they nacherchillyat, and we are with you ruzveltatit

  • Ocean Patrol. In 2 volumes. Volume 2. Wind off the ocean

    - Oh, plans, plans! - Stavridi laughed. - As they say, nacherchillili plans - and no ruzveltatov! - Hehe, - without a smile said the boatswain. - Wait Here, they nacherchillyat, and we are with you ruzveltatit

  • Ola and Otto. Capital

    Uiiiii !! Otmuchilsya !! Sorry, I could not resist, but I'm really glad that this cycle is finished, it should recognize the latest book I was surprised because it was not as dumb as the previous ones.

  • Old Vilnius Tales

    What about the "Tales of Old Vilnius"? .. What is wonderful? Magically? Fabulously? Unforgettable, illogical, happily, is unthinkable? What, after reading stories I want to live and to love the whole world,

  • On Christmas Eve

    When you want warmth, comfort and atmosphere of a holiday book is so good, cozy and atmospheric (sometimes too), that had to take breaks in reading. Most of all I liked the geographical location of action-a

  • On the blue comet

    before us fairy story boy of eleven Oscars. They lived with the Pope, a collector of the train, but then came Tuesday. The same black Tuesday. And their lives changed. It's a story of magic and love, guilt

  • On the border of the ring

    beautiful book. From design to content. Quite a thoughtful fantasy that is a pleasure to hold in their hands, which dissolve and are looking for strings of touch with reality - and suddenly everything

  • On the life, teachings and sayings of famous philosophers

    Introduction or "Biography Diogenes Laertius" He wrote about many. About him not written one. Body: But which one is written by Diogenes Laertius biographies - the best? I think - the biography of his

  • On the other side of the river. Yarilin manuscript

    horror .... The book is written in a very amateurish. No special atmosphere, I did not see Harry Potter in a hut on chicken legs. The book is not small, and most of it at all, nothing happens, well, that

  • On the other side of the river. Yarilin manuscript

    This is a wonderful, kind book, our modern fairy tale, which I have not read because I read Harry Potter first. That's what I keep reading prevented - all seemed somehow too primitive and too cheap popular

  • One Christmas

  • One day,

    an incredible story, which is not read, and see. Worry about Dexter and Emma for each of the new year hoping - that now will be together! You also destined to be together! You are so perfectly complement

  • One Hundred Names

    It is not just a love story, but also a novel error and forgiveness. The journalist Katherine made ​​a mistake: slandered an innocent man, not well tested information. Her turnuli with television,

  • One hundred ploys two friends, friends-inventors.

    Russian Phineas and Ferb Cute children's book of the Soviet period of two friends inventors. Pioneers Pugovkin and Romachkin invent improvised something useful, something to entertain. It's kind of the

  • One hundred years ahead. Story

    This is my first exposure to science fiction Kir Bulychev. I did not expect that I enjoy so much on the book "One hundred years ahead," and I want to read about all the adventures of Alice. From the first

  • One hundred years of solitude

    to listen to. And glad of it, because overpower thicker same name also in the summer, I could not. Freudianism and irony, irony and Freudianism. The highlight-both shriveled old Ursula seems to be the

  • One hundred years of solitude

    he has started reading the book, found her meme) (forgot to add that the hand is not mine, it's part of the meme) is quite understandable with mytho-poetic / superstitious / something move, sorry located

  • One Hundred Years of Solitude

  • Online Girl

    I could not for a long time to come to this knigi.Pri than in the truest sense of the word "go" .Vyshla first book and blew BOOM! Now announced the release of the second and again all the same BOOM! I

  • Orange mist

    good book. I have it in my childhood many times reread all dreamed of such a company and what some superpowers. Reasonable dog again. Beauty! Other books in the series about these guys, too, is nothing

  • Ordinary apocalypse

    read once, "The era of the dead," Andrew Cruz - like if the whole, except for some cons, which I kind of already wrote in a review on its books, but it is not currently on Kruse. "The era of the dead"

  • Ostocherchenie

    have simple, as it should be, what I call the hatred with slozhnyh- envy has long and faithfully love skid, but a collection like this from start to finish, volley read only seychas.I can say subjectively,

  • Other Way

    impressed! and a book, and & # 039; & # 039 reviews; !! I read in one of the reviews that the theme of 'family album' seemed to be astonished in a bun ... And I, behold, did not seem 'photo album'

  • Pamela, or reward virtue

    and all will be rewarded! Well, to tell you about Pamela? The poor girl, of course, went. Mr. pesters, virtue and duty to oppress, do not let go home, abduct, scare. In general, the scandals, intrigue,

  • Pamper can not be controlled. How to raise a happy child

    love his children's book Robin Berman "Pamper can not be controlled," I came across quite by accident, because usually I do not read such literature, though I am a mother of two small children. I do not

  • Paramon and Apollinaris

    About the writer Dina Kalinovskaya I learned from Natalli reviews. A familiarity with the author decided to commence this book - the stories I love since childhood. In the book eight stories and monopesa

  • Paul I. Alexander I,

    I will not say that the book I was very impressed. But it was quite interesting to read about the royal court intrigues, conspiracies, politics of the time. Of course it is not known how the case was on

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