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  • Peace and films of Andrei Tarkovsky

    The book is a collection of essays on the works of director - his colleagues, friends, critics, art historians. In these essays is practically no "water" and meaningless phrases like "his talent in many

  • People rainbow. Broken Prism

    If you urgently need to escape to another reality, Sergei Elis let you in his. After the simultaneous reading of the two parts of the novel People of the rainbow (as it happens), I got confused in its

  • People tenth hour

    A good story, though, in my opinion, somewhat damp. The country has declared the fight against smoking, smokers are more and more limited: pay less in transport - the worst place in the cafe - dirty tables,

  • People who are always with me

    Story large Armenian family, which all raised Nani Tamar. Each of them is so difficult fate, but Narine Abgaryan was able to tell the story without exaggerating their grief (although much more bitter),

  • Perdido Street Station

    rave reviews of the book can not be divided. The author is talented, but very tiring. The strongest feeling after reading - a fatigue. China has managed to create a very distinctive, original world, but

  • Pet Sematary

    Once upon a time I watched the movie "Pet Sematary". An old, not very convincing special effects, it nevertheless left behind a nasty web of fear of the unknown. I expect about the same effect as when

  • Peter and Potap

    Three small stories (in order) about the ingenuity, friendship and mutual assistance. On the pages of a minimum of text, for kids up to 3 is particularly valuable. I bought this book in the first place

  • Picture

    Do you like Soviet literature as I love her? How unfortunate that now so do not write. And it is a pity that we do not value their writers of the Soviet period. This year, I decided to bring happiness

  • Pines. Get lost

    "The whole world - theater in the men and women -.. All the actors They have their exits and their entrances, And one is not a play." William Shakespeare. "Sometimes the best thing you can do - it's just

  • Pines. Nowhere in the city

    I do not read TvinPiks and did not even look. So I can not say anything bad about the Pines) But nothing good too. Neutral is a book that has not caused my admiration and shivering. But to her credit it

  • Pirate latitude

    I do not even know if I should tell that to the level of Sabatini book falls short. Probably not, because once I Crichton very respected and could expect his captain Hunter would be congenial Peter Blood.

  • Pirate latitude

    Strong male friendship, love, courage, bravery, loyalty, nobility, honor, meanness, treachery, betrayal, cowardice, generosity. Perhaps this is the first book about pirates, because I have read, which

  • Plague Atlantis

    Mmm, the second part is already worse than the first. "Gene Atlantis" I praised including for what the author has gone very well and militant action scenes. Here, both of them more, and that's why it is

  • Planet people

    "money can not buy that feeling, when you fly through the night, which burn a hundred thousand stars, and the soul is clear, and you're on the short term - is all-powerful." "Terre des Hommes" - a novel

  • Planet Water. Sail alone. Where will we go?

    In the light of recent political events Boris Akunin performed with enough opposition speeches towards the government, and Russian citizens in general. And with a touch of sadness, I refer to such an aggressive

  • Plus one

    book completely disposable. Three days as I read it, and have not really remember a single character. Historically, educational offshoot of the plot in the form of retelling the life of Nikola Tesla, was,

  • Poetic collection

  • Polyglots Phenomenon

    quite interesting study. The first third of the book generally reads almost like a fascinating adventure in the spirit of the novel by Dan Brown. :) Author goes in search of information about the famous

  • Ponaehali

    The way you relate to the world, it depends on how you feel about miru.Dlya someone moving to another country to become a personal disaster, and someone appears bag istoriy.Horosho good that there are

  • Portrait

    deceive glad? Asked the owner of the Manor in the old picture certainly creates supply Mr. Biggera.Bigger outright invents exciting tragic story of the young ladies, with which the portrait was painted.

  • Poverty Is No Crime

  • Pranks aristocrats

    I wrapped myself in this book, as in the old cozy bathrobe. And did not notice whether the head of what I had read it before the fifth that - in another translation (A. Balyasnikova) and under a different

  • Preparing for childbirth

    Sears great respect - after all eight of their children, the experience of birthing large (both within their families and from the side), the medical staff. They have a lot of useful information about

  • Prince of Thorns

    Some men I can bind with who I am. Some I can bind with where I’m going. Others need to know who walks with me.Первые несколько глав я

  • Princess Mary

    read through all the stories I am not, because it is written badly. Sometimes flashed speculation that Gazdanov not particularly fluent in Russian. Grungy text - "not very inclined to blame", "This was

  • Print Medici

  • Problems ethology

    This book reveals the curious, amazing facts about the animal world. Despite the fact that it is a popular science book, and there is a lot of terminology with detailed explanation and living examples

  • Project & quot; Kraken & quot;

    a story about trust and values. (possible minor spoilers) First of all, it should be said that I have not read the previous books about Preston Wyman Ford. But even without them, this book has earned me

  • Project & quot; Morph & quot;

    A rare, I would say, "Mighty" nonsense! :)) Plot? Set almost unrelated fighting episodes, the mixture was the fantasy, whether antirerroristicheskih books. Heroes: I understand author system, all the characters

  • PS I Love You

    Very nice book, I rarely use the word in relation to books, but with PS I love you exactly what happened. The book really touches the soul, especially a good prescription characters I liked, and this,

  • Purple Line

    Hardly entered the plot of a book, in an era of life details, names. First incredibly annoyed that avtorsnova and returns to the myth of Actaeon and Diana kopisaniyu picture, the relations of Henry and

  • Queen Margot

    When I was 12 years jabbed a finger at who was standing on the shelf "Queen Margot" and asked whether the book is good, my grandmother sighed and said, "This is for adults! You're early!". Perhaps Grandma

  • Racing on the asphalt

    Mongrel Enzo lives with her ​​driving instructor and rider Danny sincerely tries to be a good dog and a good friend, Danny builds relationships with his wife Eve, loves their daughter Zoe,

  • Railway-stories

    from 17 years the road - it is an integral part of my life. And if now my profession mostly shakes me on the roads highways, then all the students I spent in close contact with iron roads, cravings and

  • Rashomon Gate

    Getting to know the author, and indeed with the Japanese literature proved very positive. The book begins with a story "Rashomon Gate", which served as the name of the entire collection. Little story,

  • Raskolotoe sky

    terrible book. While reading, I want to wait and forget, but it's history. Which it is. We are not guilty, that our story is as follows. Svetlana Talan almost at Samchuk depicts the horrors of that time,

  • Raven

  • Raven

    Something suddenly wanted to read. Translation, of course, wonderful - Michael Lozinskiykak Alwaysor height. The plot is trivial, but the tale is a fable ... sighs and sobs, longing without a measure of

  • Razor

    probably hated me, I defined a genre of literature - Soviet realistic utopianism ... History fascinated, but several times wanted to throw the book at the wall, and, in a conversation with Indian scholars,

  • Rebel beauty

    Abstract me badly strained since books of this genre, I somehow try to get. Now I can not say that I'm delighted, but also aversion story is not caused. For the indifference, without any special emotion.

  • Red Fury. Volume 5. Nothing personal, just business

    in the fifth edition of the "Red Fury" two stories. First about how Nick Chaykin, faking his own death for the organization, which has worked, is still agrees to help her former boss in a secret manner.

  • Refuge. Blog letters

    And in my opinion is not bad. the same blog, and there can be written as you want .. but in general it was interesting to learn a view from the inside, I did not need to be on the external horrors, so

  • Religion

    stunning novel and interesting ... Religion "Tim Uiloksa was enough fascinating book, but in my opinion it is very brutal and bloody sooo But let's start in order of his adult life journey the protagonist

  • Republic SHKID

    rollicking SHKID romance homelessness. Dirty Rotten boys. As usual, with concepts such as not found - tending to the light of knowledge. All the boys picturesque: whether to place oblige, or time. Though,

  • Responsive Web Design

    We must create websites that are not only more flexible, but also better adaptable to the display devices. One hobby that kept me from grade 10 school - this layout sites. Every time you create a new design

  • Restless Anna

    Common sense rhythmically floating in the air once - more distant autumn of 2015, when I hunted fatigue, endless lessons and tutoring people heard about Redgreyn Lebowski, I received a lovely recommendation

  • Return to Samuel Lake

    Kogdav "Book Travel" I had the theme of "perverts", I was upset, because this is absolutely not my topic. Very much I do not like to read books about various perversions, violence, blood, etc. So I began

  • Ritual

    nice this, nice horror, though built on a completely hackneyed syuzhetea la "devour stray tourists." The book reads quickly, keeps in suspense - what else is needed for entertaining reading material? In

  • Ritual

    pushed me to read this book movie. And the book, as always, was better than the movie. The film sample cinematography -not, of course, but there are some beautiful moments. Personally, I really liked the

  • River King

    book is not caught absolutely nothing so much so that not even able to read. Yes, the author's language is good with regard to the description of nature, the garden, the river, but the rest -otkrovennaya

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