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  • Roadside Picnic

    I think it makes no sense to describe the plot, giving the characteristics of heroes and disassemble the atoms wonderful dialogues / monologues, since the book already written a lot of good reviews where

  • Robin Hood

    works of genius and unexpected ending today I read a novel written by Alexandre Dumas, on the basis of ballads and legends of Robin Hood. And I would like a little present their impressions about this

  • Rodd. TV series. Frames 14-26

    1. The second book in the series I liked as the first worthy prodolzhenie.2. Among the shortcomings are evident long tirade of one of the hospital doctors speculating on any topic very fully and deeply,

  • Rosie - my relatives

    Someone fun on lions or dogs, and I'm losing my mind from the elephants. And here soooo elephant - mileyshaya, charming, artistic (and even slightly alcoholic) Rosie. In short, mimimimetr I just rolls

  • Rout

    This is a terrible, terrible in terms of the events taking place in it, the book perfectly reflects, I think, the essence of the Civil War. I thought I read it is difficult and uninteresting, like many

  • Rubin in the mist

    To be honest, I thought that I can not read this book, because "His Dark Materials" by the same author I just did not. Nothing. But no. At first, I was constantly interrupted for some other books, I have

  • Running the moon

    for happiness is never too late Strange that I rarely write reviews of books, despite the fact that I work as a journalist. But so it has developed. And surprisingly, how much I love to analyze the stories

  • Ruslan and Lyudmila

    There stands a green oak ... I remember in school taught these fabulous lines. I remember how to draw fantasy characters Pushkin. But erased from the memory, in which the class read "Ruslan and Lyudmila"

  • Ruslanova. Soul singer

    Fate, which is hard to believe about who this Ruslanova, the older generation know all the younger - nothing. I started reading biographies Ruslanova not because I love her so much work, but it has always

  • Russian folk art

    This book was for me a real discovery of the world of folk art. It turned out that the characters of folklore and folk fine arts are not the same, because the very folk art - it is frozen, eternal triumph

  • Russian people Secrets

    Just like any human being, if pokapatsya in his ancestry, in any 20-th generation can be a Scythian, or (why not?) The ancient Egyptians, the study of the origin of quite ordinary words leads to unexpected

  • Russian poetry of the early XX century (pre-October period)

    The book is a collection of Russian poets kontsa19 - early 20th centuries. It presents the best examples of poetry of many famous poets, and several names were new to me and discovery. The comments are

  • Sailors who stopped loving the sea

    I try to realize that I just read. No, the plot is more than clear, message, philosophy - the same, but they are so alien and incomprehensible to my European brain that gives the impression that this is

  • Sailors who stopped loving the sea

  • Salty breeze

    first book I read from this author. Nothing indicated love, but fell out of the game. History - a sort of melodrama with a happy ending ... only if he happy ?! Meet the heroes after all these years, in

  • Salty breeze

    big disappointment. Read books, imprinted on the memory and thrown away. The first acquaintance with S.Dzhio and its "Blackberry Winter" was quite udachnoe.Mne like affair with kidnapping + theme materinstva.Zdes

  • Sandalwood

    Roman turned dull, tatty, in part templates. Even so, it would seem sufficient strength of the novel, as a description of India, its culture and way of life, could not pull this product to a proper level.

  • Sandalwood

    It is cute, little, however, about the history of Indian stranded passions Englishwomen (and two generations at once). In the novel are mixed with wealth and history, and the love line, and same-sex feelings,

  • Scar

    Adventure endlessly long time ago and in a very different world, one hobbit said that out of the house - a dangerous thing: it is necessary to cross the threshold and have not known when the road will

  • Science refutes the myth: About the Bermuda Triangle, and & quot; The sea devil & quot;

    available, understandable and easily book debunks most of the myths about the Bermuda Triangle, and the Sargasso Sea, in terms facts, knowledge, and advances in science in recent years. This book is not

  • Scope

    Well, what can I say. Very transparent, very simple, very grotesque. Right after the academic model of how society is moving towards failure, and with joyful whooping and pulling back all the discontented.

  • Sea Troll

    "That's that's the trouble with the stories too long - thought to myself, Jack. - Sooner or later you reach the part where everything is bad. " When he, Jack, become a bard, he would take it a rule to

  • Seagull

    play how unrequited love can be. It seemed to me almost all the characters were not happy in the love arena. They loved others, and they in turn loved third, and it turns out a vicious krug.Otdelno it

  • Secret Life of Bees

    History fourteen Lily Owens, who lost his mother in childhood - is a story about loss and gain, love, faith, and forgiveness, the people who opened the true meaning of the concepts of "select what is important."

  • Secret Life, Diary and my mother's

    book-shock! Spoilers! Very annoying story Kate Riley with her ​​insatiable erotic fantasies, self-gratification, the menstrual cycle, with a strange love for his brother, erotic writing booklets

  • Secret of Father Brown

    What was the secret of this? A friend of Father Brown, Flambeau, once a brilliant robber and a swindler, and then - a brilliant detective, withdrew, friends gathered in his distant home from the noise

  • Secret Wars / Secret Wars

    I have decided to look for information on the comic book The Secret War, and found that these secret wars are no longer one and not two. Only I did not understand why the secret war? I liked that comic

  • Secretary writer

    is average a little story. Mostly cute. Obvious to anyone, of course. Clever-beauty suddenly after graduation decided not to go to learn more, and to work as the secretary to the writer, who graphomania

  • Selection

  • Sense and Sensibility

    After "Pride ..." I started to read other works of Austin, but somehow turned bad. Quickly lose interest. Now it has turned out very well, I was still under the impression of "Agnes Grey", so "Feeling

  • Sentinel

    Excellent book! I do not expect such a thrilling story. Exquisitely conceived world. And the explanation of the world unobtrusive. The main character - not all-powerful and it will win (but bad uncle he

  • Servant. Grandson Centurion

  • Servants

    Just color ... I want to scream so loud that the little girl heard me that the dirt - it is not in color, and the plague - not a Negro district. Let this be a moment did not come - as it happens in the

  • Set of eleven volumes. Volume 1. All Quiet on the Western Front

    After I finished reading this book, I had the feeling as if someone doused me with a bucket of ice water. I was in a daze and what it could not grasp what had happened and what the result was over. When

  • Shantaram

    's not as bad as they say the authors of negative reviews. Anyway, I read a third of the book and put it 5 points. I could overpower the entire book and put the 2, but does that it would be someone better.

  • Shantaram

    Shantaram When I was advised this book, I reacted to her very skeptical, but still bought. She was my long time. I was frightened of her size. This year, I gave myself a promise that is still able to manage

  • Shepherd bears

    for the first time met with the works of Andrei Olegovich, read his book, "My wife - a witch" (one of the favorite in his work). In it, I learned a new - gorgeous - the poet. Poems read in that book still

  • Shower Library. No way out of the house of strange children's

    story in which I want to believe That ended another saga. Even in a story written by the finale, and we will probably (with all the prudence of the author), will never meet these heroes do not find ourselves

  • Shulamith

  • Siddhartha. Visitors. Travel to Nuremberg. From the & quot; Reflections & quot;

    What a pleasure to find in Hesse readily understood prose. "Siddhartha". The remarkable thing is the pseudo. The topic is very complex and extremely interesting - the Indian philosophy. And a very elegant

  • Siege, or chess with death

    With Reverte I have some strange relationship. He does, is not one of my favorite writers. Nevertheless, I kept going back to it. His books are not turned over my inner world, not make you forget about

  • Silent Land

    Graham Joyce - Silent zemlya.etu book is very scary to read, especially scary when the window snowing, your hand squeeze the hand of a loved one, and all seemed to froze and disappeared behind the long

  • Silk

    Well, where we have about this wonderful and strange world, this unexplored and so alluring. All the lures, which we do not have. The book-life, the book-tour, the book-love. Beautiful language told about

  • Silkworm

    I read a long time. You do not think. The book is very interesting. It's just me as the detectives are. Generally, I like these books, which are very strange murder. It is very interesting to see the many

  • Silkworm

    Oh, yes, I finally read the book. Constantly postponed it gave to read the whole family, and they answer "a terrific book." And her husband went to the trick, bet me that before the end of February, I

  • Silkworm

    Author Nalepa, of course, everything. Someone whose lover who takes revenge on someone - just so you will not understand. "The Call of the Cuckoo" was, of course, interesting. We are waiting for the third

  • Silver mushroom rain (audiobook)

    While reading and spun on the edge of consciousness: If you do not have at home, he was not afraid fires ... In fact, it is difficult to lose and be disappointed in what you do not and never has been.

  • Siren

    her, saying that she is mortally dangerous for people! She taught that it is a weapon! The perfect weapon. The first 40 pages I read with pleasure, I was interested, but then .... The plot dragged on and

  • Six Watch

    Sergei Lukyanenko "Sixth Patrol" This book I was honestly presented in some drawing in the VC from the publishing house "AST". For a long time I was not attracted to this book, well, at some point I realized

  • Sleeping

    This book is not read, no .. It envelops you like a quiet night, as the thinnest veil of sleep. The words are connected in a skilful lace, just look do not tear. Even you do not notice as the clock moves

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