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  • Sleepy eyes and pajamas in frogs

    Fascinating! Unusually, rich and incredibly witty (often laughing out loud)). No mysteries of being, of course, is not hidden, but to a wonderful book, read the first of its kind in me) have already downloaded

  • Slimming

    Upon review of this work will not be long, because they do not want to think anymore after reading this book about it. Never at all. You can not call it bad, of course not, but it would be wrong to call

  • Smoked herring without mustard

    Short Description: The 3rd book of Flavia de Luce. Girlie 11ti years, lover of chemistry, specialist in poisons, art, classical literature and history. Flavio 2 sisters shrew, the cook-gossip, true friend,


  • Social. 6th grade. Workbook. By the textbook AF Nikitin, TI Nikitina

    Ugly textbook and workbook, the impression. that textbooks and notebooks have created two different and each author wrote about her. After reading a textbook, a notebook can not be done, you do not get

  • Solaris

    To understand someone, you need to understand first a book was given to me very uneasy. Perhaps it's not my genre, as the understanding of the science fiction I desire a special and there is no such. Although

  • Solombala Childhood in

    the Soviet children's books of the revolutionary orientation in general I am quite normal and I can read with pleasure. But with this book relationship, unfortunately, it did not work, despite many interesting

  • Somewhere in time

    to be honest, it is very disappointed, even wanted to put a deuce. Well, this book is nothing I have not "caught" .Zahvatyvayuschy story of "time travel" ended up "zilch". Action little in common with

  • Somewhere near Grosseto

    I still say that Stepnova, of course, is stronger in the big prose. "Women of Lazarus" and "Godless lane" - is, of course, the highest achievement. But the stories I read Stepnova too. I want to say that

  • Sooty ash in

    Life sotkana of so many moments that have nothing znachat. But there comes a day, a single moment, kogda kazhduyu determines the next second your future. It's a great story! IMHO! Just one night I was

  • Sorcerer of Death Clan

    Oddly enough, but the book fascinated. As far as I was not particularly interested in the first volume, but this struck. I think it's all about the main character of the book. His simultaneous lack of

  • Spartak

    In general, the product of remarkable. But I suffered for a long time, while reading it, because I expect somewhat different. I guess I was waiting for a work of epic description intrigues, methods of

  • Spider invites you to dance

    Well, what to say, I finished reading a couple of hours ago and go to the "fog" of impressions, book direct AX. After reading the first pages of Jane Eyre really remembered and even got sick to read, but

  • Spring Snow

    I discovered a new facet of Japanese literature. And a new author. I am under the strange impression from reading the book. The head light welter, but in the sense of graceful perfection. It is difficult

  • Squire Kashka

    Five of course, what else? At the moment when I decided to read this book, it became very ill. I lay on the bed and could not do anything. My mother decided to read the story to me (well, as I have already

  • St. Petersburg. Overview

    The main advantage and main disadvantage of this guide to St. Petersburg that it was written by foreigners. On the one hand this is good because we ended up with an independent view of history, as well

  • Standing under a rainbow

    on the background of many positive reviews I think about it, one I saw in this book a spoon of tar. No, objectively - it's a great book. Wonderful. Bright, optimistic, giving the charge of cheerfulness

  • Star Strindberg

    started for the health, finished for the repose of all started well. Mysticism, the main character, Dan Brown rested and a little improved, the plot and the atmosphere in the tradition of James Rollins.

  • Star Wars. Episode IV. New Hope

    cool book. It is with this statement to me, as a person who is not so keen on the Star Wars universe, I would like to start my review. "New hope" I watched last summer for a couple with a friend and almost

  • Stars above Samarkand. 1. The Book of Timur the Lame

    To so objectively write about the East and Lord of the East, you have to be not only a talented writer whom is Sergei Borodin, but a ivpitat East from the perspective of those historical events that influenced

  • Stars of Eger

    history can be exciting in school age from the history books, whoever they were not written, I cringe. It was too great a hatred of history as a school predmetu.Odnako with time changing. "Stars" - one

  • Starship Troopers

    Bible paratroopers or how to destroy the beetles? Heinlein is among the three greatest masters of fiction and his works have made ​​an invaluable contribution to the development of the youth

  • Still alive

    It was the first I have read, this year, the book. In the process more than once wanted to throw her into a folder and then finish reading it, even knowing that this is unlikely to happen. But I mastered

  • Still Life with Woodpecker

    mocking narrative tone, this book and the way to mix all in a heap at first reminded me of Vonnegut's, only without his sarcasm and pessimism. Laughing and stoned Vonnegut, it seemed (judging by the reviews,

  • Stone Mountain

    To be bitchy and very modern young lady, loving dynamic literature with a strong well-developing story, we can safely say that "Stone Mountain" Kawabata - a book about anything. And it's not that nothing

  • Stoner

    book perfectly fit into the misty gray weekdays, and the rain drumming on the window, complemented "stereo". Under the music I have lived the life of a professor at American University, William Stoner,

  • Storey America

    Most other Ilf and Petrov, from the usual only Atheism sincere, hard to believe the rest: -we know what will happen to us (the Soviet Union) in fifty years (written in 1936 50) .... Leningrad, March 2016foto

  • Stories

  • Stories about animals

    My favorite stories about animals. Accidentally discovered this book, I knew it was my destiny has brought with it! Beautiful and, of course, very good story about the most beautiful creatures in the world

  • Stories of Ordinary Madness

    delight "Factotum" and indifferent attitude to the "South" and "waste paper" I came to the disgust and brezglivosti.Bukovski, I'm sick of you. Enough for me chewing shit once. Well, okay, I have to dunk

  • Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Collection

    Once upon a time I saw the film "Mary Reilly" and was inspired by the story and the wonderful game of actors. Then I even had no idea that it is based on the story of Stevenson's "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."

  • Stranger

    # # Fantasy Sir Max Not just a book ... My first encounter with Max Fry started with this book! And I do not just do not regret that spent her time and dengi.Bylo not just interesting, but the "super-duper"

  • Stranger (Maze)

    for a long time, I was going to read this book. The surprise for me was the biography of Max Frei. The book consists of 7 stories with their magical character rassledovaniyami.Glavnogo Max Dzhuffin Sir

  • Strawberries for dessert

    I would not say it's disgusting and awful book, but read about the two men still strange. Often caught myself that I correct "went" to "go", "he said" to "said", "thinking to" think "and so on. In short

  • Stream

    From this book I have left a mixed impression. On the one hand - very interesting exposition and technical ideas, not hackneyed literature, IMHO. The book thoroughly and lovingly described by many inventions

  • Street cat named Bob

    I wish you all find this Bob) Animal lovers, and just good people, this book will be enjoyed. This is a story of friendship and mutual assistance. After reading this book, I became a different attitude

  • Struggle for fire

    Feeling - looked as if several hours programs about wildlife for National Geographic. And this is the case when the picture would be more interesting words. Otkrovennogovorya read was pretty boring. Here

  • Style Riddle

    If you're looking for information on the lines of the figure, then here it is, another good source of a great book to begin to "collect" themselves according to their style of well-known parameters: the

  • Submission

    Some bessvyazitsa of reasoning about Huysmans and Islam, as well as the whining and sex scenes. The only work that have happened Houellebecq well - a "platform", the rest even for three pulls. More will

  • Such as it is

    during adolescence liked this kniga.Harakter main character madly attracted to his dedication, sometimes even to peregiba.Eva went over the heads of both strangers and loved ones could make a sort of hurt

  • Summer Gone

    In contrast to the first part of the cycle Grintaunskogo, "Dandelion Wine", the book has not made ​​such a deep impression. It is evident that Ray Bradbury wrote it already for many years later,

  • Summer house with pool

    I like Koch wrote. The second book you read, the second is very peculiar in its content, but I like the author's submission. Just verbally without frills, fun and interesting. And this, perhaps, to finish

  • Summer, farewell

    did not want to leave the world "wines Dandelion" was September, the warm rain replaced the rusty sun and my heart was warm and cozy. Desperately needed autumn "Dandelion Wine". Perhaps of maple leaves

  • Summer, Goodbye

    & quot; In each of us lives a child & quot; "Summer is Gone" - a continuation of the beloved and dear to my novel "Dandelion Wine" which was written and rewritten a long 50 years! No one wants

  • Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!

    We are lazy and incurious. I do not know, like you, I - exactly But Richard Feynman - far from it. And this buzz. This book is about how to be a physicist and not schizo. Because the least like Feynman

  • Swansong

    I read this book for a couple of weeks ago - but still continue to think about it geroyah.Navernoe, it will not really review, but just my vision of this book. She read all the previous reviews, many agree,

  • Swell

    Love Scandinavian thrillers / detective. There they have their own special charm, something that allocates them from the masses. "Swell" - is the clearest example of such a work plan. Slowly, I would say

  • Swift as desire

    first and most famous book by this author, is left out in the flashmob 2016, did not impress me, but I'm familiar with the author, fortunately, decided to continue reading her other books. And I have not

  • Syndicate

    to write reviews of books by Dina Rubina - it incredibly difficult. Maybe for me personally, because the text can not only publish enthusiastic squeak and meaningless sounds, and you need to succinctly

  • Syndrome Marilyn Monroe

    could not read. Actually, not zahotela.Slozhilos impression that even a "healthy" person during reading can be "sick." The author too often uses the expression, "you're sick," "you are suffering," "you

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