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  • Syndrome Parsley

    Oh, how hard I had to wade through the pages of this knigi.Meeedlennno tyayayagostno and so I dragged myself slipping on strokam.Etot Israel and Lviv, and Prague, and Berlin - all it does is so not my

  • T is for ... He is a total jerk

    third part of the series is definitely more eventful than the first two. Sam came to live with their uncle, aunt a few months, while her parents live in another country. Being the daughter of the general

  • Tackling

    Tackling series of books Kira Cass "Selection". It consists of: 2012 - Selection / The the Selection 2013 - Elite / The Elite 2014- only / The the One I've heard that in the series includes more: 2015

  • Tales of Old Vilnius III of

    - New Moon - Tony says. - That's it now - it. More specifically, tomorrow. Well, that is, at night, two a penny ... no, not even a penny, and exactly half of the third. Count! - And what does that mean?

  • Tales of Old Vilnius IV

    I do not remember any more about the collection of Max Frei Vilnius delivered such a pleasure to me - probably just the first. And that - that liked all the stories ... absolutely did not expect sovsem.I

  • Tarantula

    a long time I wondered if I want to read "Tarantula". My phobia associated with surgery, desperately prevented me to take up a book, and was advised to postpone it as soon as possible and on. But I did

  • Tavern & quot; Jamaica & quot;

    That's the second book of the author, written in a romantic style. Thank God, there is no such cloying saccharine as in "the bay of the French," but the story is naive and obvious. I could not refrain

  • Tea with birds


  • Tellurium

    Fifty nails driven into the author in the brains of thousands of readers, fifty holes born merciless claw dangling stories allow you to monitor through the perforated skull picture new reality, lethargic

  • Ten Little Indians

    10 Little Indians My mood was very skeptical when I got down to listening to this book. Agatha Christie assotsiirovalasu me with a wonderful TV series "Poirot". I assumed that it would be very interesting,

  • Tender Is the Night

    Tender Is the Night or another senseless book ... In this book, only the name of the successful. After reading it I want to read a book. I was waiting for some fascinating book ... And it happened one

  • Tender Is the Night

    was in the Labyrinth 30% discount. And my inner hamster could not resist and did not order a brand new booklets. Among them was and Fitzgerald. (I ordered is not the issue, to which I write a review, alas.)

  • Tenderness

    did not want to watch the movie, I thought it only a sentiment, not more. But not so long ago ventured, is now among the favorite) book after the movie does not have the proper experience, it is better

  • Terror

    130y member of the mysterious northern Franklin Expedition ... this Earth with some people living on it itself is a hell, quite scary for all of the universe ... It was a hard, hard and very emotionally

  • Tess of the genus g & # 039; Erbervilley

    classic English novel. The main character of the material constrained, forced to work and help seme.V several reasons Tess amenable to persuasion and grooming rake, which is the loss of her reputation.

  • The Academy of Magical Talent

    Heroes - not ideal and with their zamorochki, but it gives the book a reality. There are, of course, and points out of the way (just like in the soap operas), but I was not bothered. But I liked it. Not

  • The amazing life of Ernesto Che

    book name does not reflect its suti.Ya would call it "The amazing life of Josef Kaplan" -ved was he the main character, has passed through scrapes 20veka. A notorious Ernesto Che appears at the end of

  • The Amber Spyglass

    is difficult to write about this book apart from the trilogy, it is simply impossible in my opinion, although the last book I was struck more than vsego.V whole for me personally, this trilogy is one of

  • The April Witch

    Maybe my opinion is fundamentally different from the views of many, many may want to shower me tomatoes and eggs, but the book I do not want to finish! Dirty, dark, depressing. So many books still have

  • The attack on the Titans. Book 1

    From the "Attack on Titan" as anime, I met back in the year 2013. It was the sunset of my "career", animeshniki and surprise me was difficult. But the "attack" is udalos.I here a few years later I was

  • The attack on the Titans. Book 1

    panache sometimes quite clumsy and without complying with the proportions. But it is very well suited to the scene. They are both scary and terrifying. Not to mention the image of the Titans themselves.

  • The auditory tube is

    started for the health, and finished for the dead ... No, the main character (and even her mother!) Remained alive and well before the final, but ... I wanted to get something "vacuum tube": a kind of

  • The Blind Assassin

    It's just not my book .... Amazing language has the effect of light hypnosis. The book resembles a doll, layer upon layer opens towards the end. One of the perennial themes packaged in a wrapper of literary

  • The Book of Lost Things

    One day when I was playing with a group of children, one of the girls struck the girlfriend. Offended hid behind me and started a big secret to whisper to me that something in his ear. At first I did not

  • The Book Thief

    The second world through the eyes of the Australian in the world, perhaps, every country has its overrated writer. Such authors extol the banal idea that somehow did not come to mind many talented writer.

  • The Book Thief

    In my opinion, I'm writing a review of the translation, not the book. Unfortunately, one of those cases where the transfer becomes a disaster, and it is seen on the cover. What the hell is a thief - she,

  • The boy who saw the demon

    boy who was sick book about a little boy Alex, suffering from schizophrenia youth. The first half of the book was a double impression of what is happening: it seems great was the desire of the author to

  • The Call of Cthulhu. Collection

    For a long time did not dare to approach Lovecraft - horrors same. It turned out, horror is not terrible. If I put this kind of tags, I would put the "classics" can be "fantastic" and "adventure" and "horror"

  • The Canterville Ghost

    touching story of childhood and lines that, for me, filled with great meaning. Charming characters, subtle humor, interesting plot - what else can be better than these three components? "When the cry,

  • The Cat Who zverel from red

    this time unsurpassed Qwilleran to be a difficult task: how to time manage to keep their diet gourmet column. And this despite the fact that everyone pays favorite newspaper. And, of course, a crime. Loss

  • The Catcher in the Rye,

    American Classics, which time and again referred to the American authors. After repeated references in other works considered itself obliged to read the book. I was 18 years old, only one emotion remains

  • The Catcher in the Rye,

    The story of a boy, about his thoughts on his life, actions in any situations. I read this book. The second time I knew her much better and felt. In the book there is a sense, and everyone has his own.

  • The Cement Garden

    Lies can not be that all children are ghouls Some critics have attributed this book to the horror genre. And for good reason. It's frightening, sweltering, sticky and disgusting story, after which you

  • The Chronicles of ferrets. Ferrets farmers in the mountains

    HorС‘chya utopia by Richard Bach. To date, this book about ferrets - the last I read, so my impressions of the series I'll post here "Chronicles" includes 5 stories about ferrets -. Sailors, pilots,

  • The Chronicles of Narnia:

    The double meaning or too much emotion. To begin with, the cycle of "The Chronicles of Narnia" I first read in early childhood. I can not say that when I came on the books in the frenzied excitement. Something

  • The coil of blue thread

    spending the whole evening for this book, I wondered - why am I always so touching family saga? all these artful family ties, cause and effect, hidden in the years nurtured hatred to love, and love in

  • The Colorado Kid

    would be desirable still an admirer of this man, and a very long wanted to read this work. The problem was exactly what it was not so easy to find it in the store. As the book itself? Unfortunately, it

  • The corpse in the library

    long time ago already read some story about Miss Marple. If I am not mistaken, was there some kind of an interesting story about rare stamps and too cunning elderly relatives.) In general, I can say that

  • The creator of nightmares

    pleased to read! The authors are very serious approach to this world by writing a lot of details, thoughts and attitudes of heroes ... I'm very fond of the architecture and the policy unit, it would be

  • The creature

  • The Cricket on the Hearth / Cricket for the hearth

    once again had to interrupt the reading of "Christmas stories" Dickens on the same product - "Cricket for the hearth." Because the farther into the woods, the thicker the Dickensian guerrillas, and the

  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    Poor, poor Benjamin I think I was very lucky that I read the title story without baggage viewed movies. Finding fault to the story, that it is not as voluminous as the film - in my opinion, it's silly.

  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    Poor, poor Benjamin I think I was very lucky that I read the title story without baggage viewed movies. Finding fault to the story, that it is not as voluminous as the film - in my opinion, it's silly.

  • The dark secrets of

    Frankly speaking, more vile book I have not popadalos.Net, no, I do not dare to talk about her literary value, because if the author has set itself the aim of writing a book in which there was nothing

  • The dark secrets of

    the book "Dark Secrets" Gillian Flynn I bought a long time, almost a year ago. This was done under the influence of the film "Vanished," which was filmed on the novel of the same Flynn. As time went on,

  • The dog's head

  • The Door into Summer

    I expected anything, but not that it has received. Before reading, I did not know about the plot, but the book was to Wishlist periodically and I thumbed through the review, re-read the summary, looking

  • The double helix

    basis of life .... I have not read treatises on genetics, and insanely bored, in principle, it would like to read this treatise, besides BOOK CHELLENGE-2016 suggested reading something on the nature of

  • The Drowned Cities

    And now - on items ... What did I expect? Previously I read "The Destroyer Ship", which together with the Drowned Cities sometimes isolated in a separate cycle. The story in "Destroyer Ship" was easier,

  • The elegance of the hedgehog

    Well, for a long time I read this book. Primarily, this is due to the fact that I could not believe the protagonist. On the one hand, there is a girl-child prodigy, but nothing particularly outstanding,

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