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  • The Final Circle of Paradise

    That is almost more than half of the book behind, and I still do not quite catch what was going on. What is clear to me in a nutshell - a former mezhplanetnik Ivan Zhilin familiar to me on "Ways to Almateyu"

  • The first day

    in the air ease and peace of mind. Marc Levy, as always in his repertoire, and there is nothing wrong with that. When you take his books, you always know what to expect from them. And the "first day" is

  • The first Don

    Several conflicting emotions left behind this book. In general, I like those novels. Like how on the basis of historical evidence and / or speculations author humanizes ... that there really existed people

  • The First Kiss

    all my thoughts, all desires were focused on her. As I Boys oh boys repeat, I do not lyublyu.K bonuses besides, for the most part they can not read, because no relevant information they carry. Just like

  • The Forsyte Saga

    mixed feelings about this proizvedenii.Ponravilis descriptions of nature, then the master domov.Uzh Galsworthy tried to slavu.Vmeste with the heroes of the book, I was transferred to their estates, visited

  • The fruits of the earth

    thorough, detailed description of the everyday life of a simple peasant family of Norwegian brought back to my longing and dejection, despondency and depression. A clear understanding that there is more,

  • The Germans were

    monsters and girls Text as tangled branches scraping at first and did not know where the direct speech, where the author, where dialogue, where the inner monologue, and how did you ended up in this forest.

  • The girl who got stuck in a web of

    fourth book of the trilogy The other day, when I was in the kitchen drinking tea and reading a book, "The girl who got stuck in a web of" my dad asked what I read. And I said that the fourth book of the

  • The girl you left

    All my life I avoided books about the war party. Read them to me unspeakably hard. Therefore, in the coming years, say, Remarque I ordered. In addition, the book's title conjures up thoughts about something

  • The Glass Bead Game

    is not the best novel by Hermann Hesse !!!!! It is rather a monument grafomanstvo. Not really boring, but empty. Maybe I dislike this novel because of the fact that this story is far from me. I did not

  • The God Delusion

    Atheism as the meaning of life if you are a person who doubts and is still looking for himself the answer "Does God exist?", Then you'll find in this book a lot of arguments (real and not) in favor of

  • The Golden Calf

    was very pleased once again to pick up a book of fine authors. It took a very long time since I read The Twelve Chairs. The film adaptation, I was not looking, but my parents say aphorisms of these films

  • The Grapes of Wrath

    reading many online reviews about this book, I was disappointed that bought it, because all vying repeated: "It's boring." Nona believe everything you read on the Internet! Because this book was one of

  • The Green Mile

    Life is not what one holds dear. How many in our time killers, thieves. All of us as if time were killed and so remember that feeling. As the screaming victim, so she begged for help. But no one came.

  • The half-life

    "Still, the main point there is that the person must be a part of something. But do not flock, you know? Those who does not think about how and where they are going to begin onosorozhivatsya "- with this

  • The Handmaid's Tale

    I'm looking for this book for a long time on paper, but we have it published only twice, so to find it turned out that even puzzles. And it must be admitted, too, that publishers something in the books

  • The hero must be a

    Heroes are not born, heroes die book "Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece" has a special place on the bookshelf of many readers in Russia, Layvlibe today for her specified 95 editions. UOdisseya. Iliad.

  • The history of the Russian Church. Volume 1. Part 1

  • The history of witchcraft

    Coolest edition. Just for reference witchcraft and how to deal with it. Some facts about the author and the book: This is the most famous book of the author. It contains a huge factual material on the

  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Restaurant "At the end of the universe"

    Perhaps this book came to me too late. Yes, I think so, because in spite of its universal popularity, I have it as something not particularly caught. It was entertaining, funny, sometimes very funny, the

  • The house in which ...

    Somehow reminded me of the book "goldfinches" Donna Tartt. Again, the same troubled teens. A difficult because unnecessary. The only thing more complicated situation, one of these guys is special - invalid.Kak

  • The house in which ...

    Strange & quot; The house in which ... & quot; Such books difficult to write reviews because they gain an audience furious fans who are not looking at the bumps and roughness, their favorite charmed

  • The Hunger Games. Catching Fire. Mockingjay

    "Courage to change the world one" Well, it was exciting! No more than that, of course the trilogy is not a masterpiece, it's not brilliant creation, and tasteless reading matter of this work is not exactly

  • The Hunger Games. Catching Fire. Mockingjay

    Despite minor flaws, the book are stunning. I will not say that I did not read anything better, for reading, but it is divided into read, "Wow, I like" and "Brad some." This trilogy belongs to the first

  • The Interpretation of Dreams

    , Freud was right about Freud's creativity, there are many prejudices. Often they are generated by uneducated people who do not go to the original source, and translate someone formed a myth, "Freud wrote

  • The keys to the kingdom

    As I was afraid to read this book, religion, the protagonist of a Catholic priest, will go to impose its faith to people so different, as far as possible. And how I was wrong. Subtle sense of open, inakovaty,

  • The Kite Runner

    I do not know what I expected from a book, but it seems this is not - dissatisfaction still gnaws at me. Let's just say, how the plot unfolded directly suggests itself. Everything was izvestnodaleko to

  • The left eye of the dragon

    for the first time in moeychitatelskoy practice, I caught myself thinking that I can not adequately assess the book. At first, she even liked me, the first seventy pages, and then started something unimaginable.

  • The legend about the teacher

    For me, this is a classic example of a book that should be read only at a certain age (18 or older), at a certain time, you can even say the era, and being "in expectation of love." I was late all the

  • The legend of Circle. Book 1. At Home Among Thieves

    On the one hand seems to be interesting, but it's still not addictive. While reading a book otoravatsya impossible, but it's worth it to close as any interest completely disappears. The author managed

  • The legend of the Dark Elves. Book 1. Renegade

    is the first part of a series about the dark elf - a drow - one of the princes of Menzoberranzan - Drizzt Do'Urden. The young prince went against his heritage, family, and culture, which was raised. Tribe

  • The Legends of Two Capitals

    "But still affects ..." On Liteiny right, right near the third corner, Where The Queen of Spades, according to legend, lived! Nikolai Agnivtsev Contents of the book "Legends of the two capitals" exhaustively

  • The Life of Charlotte BrontГ«

    first step. The first record & quot;. The Life of Charlotte BrontГ« & quot; E.Gaskell. Good evening! Before the most detailed way to disassemble the above work, I want to talk a little about

  • The Lioness of Aquitaine

    incomprehensible impression of the book. And like Eleanor presented smart, beautiful, woman, inflexible character, but at the same time in each row kakoe-to betrays contempt and almost rejection, sometimes

  • The little one

    of three novels by Donna Tartt I did not read only this. Now, I read. The whole day arguing with you, have probably said that it -Literatura, this is what makes worry, argue, ponder. Of the three novels

  • The Little Prince

    If you buy this little book tonyusenkoy with monstrously big letters for the sake of illustration, and a reminder of the marvelous cartoon - it is a very wise decision, because for something more large

  • The lockout

    is very pleasant and written by teenage language book. As always, the main theme of sex and gender confrontation. I am glad that there is no vulgar scenes like this are often found in the genre of young

  • The man from the island of Lewis,

    "The Man with the Isle of Lewis" - a continuation of the novel "The Rock", the story of a completely independent, but the scene and the characters are the same. To better understand the motivations of

  • The maximum concentration. How to maintain efficiency in the era of thinking klipovoy

    In fact, despite the high-sounding title of most self-improvement books, rarely found in their 'golden mountains of wisdom', quality recipes for self-development, or {to} the most advanced cases, anything

  • The Maze Runner

    I'm sure many have written about this book, so I will not go into the details of the plot. The novel tells the story of 16-year-old Thomas, caught in a mysterious place - Gleyd. When he awoke, he realizes

  • The modern American novel. 70-80s

    modern American novel. 70-80s The taste and color, of course, everything to everyone differently, but I did not like the first half of this collection. Once ductile, pointless, boring stories ... it is

  • The monk

    must have been an interesting fellow, Matthew Lewis. At age 19, a few days to write a provocative shocking thing preserved for centuries, has come down to distant descendants, who, in turn, not only study

  • The Moon and Sixpence

    When boring stock thinking quite rarely stumble upon a text that you agree 100 percent. And it's not even the author of the selected subject, even though it identifies. This whole turn his world creates

  • The most beautiful land in the world

    touching story of a ten-year girl, who raised obsessed with religion otets.Mat died of bleeding during childbirth, unnecessarily. God forbids blood transfusions. In general she has little family! It is

  • The Murder on the Links

    What upsets me every time when reading such stories: to GG looked even smarter and inaccessible all the other characters should not be smarter than cork. It may be, and in the life of the case, but every

  • The Murders in the Rue Morgue

    I'm disappointed in this work. It seems that after the "Murders in the Rue Morgue" I generally stopped reading detective stories. In addition, I have overcome the prejudice to the work of Edgar Allan Poe.

  • The Mysterious Affair at Styles

    Mes amis In 1920, the world opened a writer whose talent proved to be due to a dispute. Agatha Christie, as a married woman, entered into a bet with her ​​older sister Madge, she could write

  • The Mysterious Affair at Styles

    From Agatha Christie can and should be friends! The second novel I read Christie proved that Agatha - indeed, the master of his craft! It turns out that it was her debut (!) Novel, and the first work of

  • The mysterious story of Billy Milligan

    Unbearable Unbearable! Unbearably boring book! The first contender for the "Disappointment of the Year", ta-ladies! This book is well sooo long, "hung" on my Wish list abstract promise something incredible

  • The mystery of my husband

    when I noticed that the annual flash mob advised me as much as two books by one author, at what both the Council - the names, from people tried and trusted, I immediately began to look forward to reading.

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