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  • The mystery of the cursed Duke. Book Two. Duchess Otto Grade

    Only Helen Stellar can create a novel in two volumes of how one damn Duke (damn not impotence) konsumirovat marriage tries. Joke. But seriously, the lovers of romance for an interesting love story of two

  • The mystery of the mysterious ladder

    big secret first novel about Nancy Drew novel "The mystery of the mysterious ladder" in itself is full of secrets. Take in hand 1993 edition - and is already on the cover meet a lot of harmless deception.

  • The new Ghost Rider. Volume 1. Engines retaliation

    Not that it is not ... It is a kind of reincarnation of the Ghost Rider. In my very boring and secondary. This book I have read in two passes, as, having read the third chapter of this work, it bored me

  • The Notebook

    After reading the book as much as breathed. Worried about the fate of relations Allie and Noah really, although usually at the relationship in the books I do not care. Here is another case. After reading

  • The Old Man and the Sea. Stories

    Story of a Lifetime in the stories relating to the sea, always fancies something universal. "The Old Man and the Sea" Hemingway - is no exception. This is - a fairy tale for adults. And, as in any good

  • The Paradoxes of Mr. Pond

    On the scene there was another interesting character, which introduces us to Mr. Chesterton, Mr. Pond and its paradoxes. Collection of short stories, each of which is permeated with subtle irony, nesokrushaemym

  • The path of daggers

    In this novel habitual mnogobukvie first left Jordan. Despite the fact that the paper book looks even thicker than the previous volume, this is not achieved the volume of text, and a disgusting quality

  • The Phantom of the author

    I do not know how to express emotion after reading zaspoyleriv not some important point. Therefore, read very ostorozhno.Dzherard over twenty years (if I remember correctly) lived one idea. It is crazy

  • The Phantom of the Opera

  • The Picture of Dorian Gray

    talented artist Basil Hallward paints a portrait of the charming young men of Dorian Gray. Basil grows very attached to it and considers the source of his inspiration. A young man meets a friend of the

  • The Picture of Dorian Gray: romance, novels, short stories

    Am submitting the novel to your favorites off the bat: I really enjoyed the book. I remember exactly what watching the film, but apparently semi-conscious, because I do not remember anything, but the point

  • The Pillars of the earth

    is no doubt the book is written very well and efficiently, it is clear that Follett well prepared before you started to create his masterpiece. All the characters have turned out quite bright and not similar

  • The prodigal son

    , but she had not it. I was the epitome of what it has taken away. I have been a grain of salt in the wound, the speck in the eye, a stone heart. It was truly a nightmare, but why it came out, saw much

  • The Queen of Bedlam

    cheerful and mischievous adventure detective, with a pretty good stylization New York of the early 19th century, but no different from the descriptions of London the same time. and in the rest of the book

  • The rights and obligations of

    book itself is communicating. It is not bad, but also not one of those that want to re-read. The plot is quite interesting, but sometimes there is a sense of "somewhere I've seen," so, in an episode of

  • The road winds

    But things written Ephraim, I love - such as science, but through the prism of a romance, the beauty of nature and the charm of adventure! These stories I would consider as a continuation of a sort of

  • The scandalous incident with Father Brown

    book is so named because of the discovery and exposure of one Father Brown mysteries: how he helped to escape from the ... beautiful woman with lover mother and her husband. Yes, exactly, and not vice

  • The September rose

    This novel about marriage, about relationships, about passion, about the feelings faded, become a habit, the temptations, the ability to separate the imaginary from the real, the forgiveness and the ability

  • The Seven Dials Mystery

    Same and Battle The book is a continuation of the "Secrets of Chimneys Castle" (about which I wrote earlier) and a continuation of the cycle of Superintendent Battle. Here we see that A. Christie still

  • The Shadow of the Wind

    is something incredible. Just a wonderful book that fascinated me from the first page. There is an interesting story and a special atmosphere that envelops everything around me a lot of time after the

  • The Shadow of the Wind

    Expanding on the shelves make up this book, I want to put the assessment of all lower-lower. The book is a puzzle. Alas me did not work almost at once it was clear who burn books. While it was interesting

  • The Shawshank Redemption

    Many, many good words said about this work ... To all I want to join! I am impressed! Impressed by the power of the spirit, of the dedication of the protagonist. I want to become a better and more just

  • The signs of love and its end

    Lay the book a couple of years to Wishlist: read thought a case, the mood .. And now, wait .. During the period when you feel his longing just physically - from the fact that the man was gone, save you

  • The Sirens of Titan

    idea, do not leave me during the reading listening to audiobooks: Well yes it is, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"! I deliberately did not look both writing books dates, because I do not want to

  • The smoke and mirrors

    magic realism - the world-famous fairy tales on the other side of the mirror. Stories - works, leaving ambiguous aftertaste of smoke from the burned house in which there have been many happy and carefree

  • The Snows of Kilimanjaro

    The man thinks about his actions only after the realization of his death. In this story there is dignity. It is of course the idea is to show how the people learned to live it, it remains a matter of days.

  • The story of my madness

    Perhaps this is the best I've read in recent times! (Krapivin, of course, does not count). Among all these new-fangled or slobbering Romanchikov vampire sagas and dystopia that I now somehow choose, I

  • The story of one accident, or human origin of the

    remarkable book written human language to ordinary people, not particularly versed in anthropology, archeology and other sciences. The book discusses the many hypotheses and theories about the origin and

  • The Subtle Knife

    Wonderful book for the weekend and completely unloaded. More and more convinced that it is better to relax read here is the dynamic adolescent fantasy than ladies' romance with beautiful words, prodigious

  • The Sword With No Name

    I ask to love and favor of Lord Skiminoka, jealous, and the Guardian, walking in darkness, the thirteenth landgrave sword without a name, the son of plumbing! but this title, the value of which no one

  • The Thirteenth Tale

    Frankly, at first I was not this book captures its plot and I postponed it several raz.No probably for this book requires a special atmosphere, an atmosphere of peace and pogody.Neobychny bad story, I

  • The Thirteenth Tale

    I like this "The Thirteenth Tale". Unusual English atmosphere, this where my house - my fortress. Secluded old mansion in the English Andzhelfild beaten path (do not know if this is possible), and there

  • The Thirteenth Tale

    I still believe in fairy tales. I still forget about everything when sinking into a good book (s) Far, far away, in this book the kingdom, there lived a girl named Margaret.Ona doted on the classic novels

  • The Thorn Birds

    Somehow in my mind to explore the works of "The Thorn Birds" and "Gone with the Wind" were inextricably linked and are required to compare, read one, read it, and the second novel. Slightly stale to sentimentality,

  • The truth about our

    other readers in the review of the book "Dreams" series often write that Max is not catchy, because, they say, how can one and the same. It is understand that history can get bored, but for Max to accept

  • The Valencian Widow. The dog in the manger

    If the book was just "Dog in the Manger," I would put five. And "The Valencian Widow" I do not particularly like. Although the stories are similar - there aristocratic widow, and there, too, but about

  • The winner receives nothing

    passages that cause mildly puzzled. Certainly not the best book of Ernest. Not enough heating and drama. If the course is not particularly find fault, stories may even seem somewhat curious. Only now I

  • The Winter's Tale

    New York, I Love You For America love their country? For a rich history? And maybe for great people to make a revolution in public policy? Or for your own tolerance means can not boast of other countries?

  • The Witcher. Sword of Destiny

    The second book in this series was no less interesting than the first. It should be noted that, as the author concludes the chapter - always some interesting idea, and this, in turn, is intriguing and

  • The Woman in White

    II read my novel, Collins, and no I do not feel disappointed. Despite the fact that the detective in full name this novel difficult, especially comparing the present-day works with the works of the 19th

  • The world through the eyes of a blogger

    excellent book! The book to enjoy for those who like to read and watch about the journey, and in general for anyone who likes to learn new information about the parts of our great planet. Each story is

  • Theatre

    Science drag us into trouble, Take the best of the food! В© Day ago has been actively involved in the reading of tickets philosophy mixed with this little book in progress (in short, I learned a few

  • Theatre

    midlife crisis + pathological inability to distinguish a scene from real life = "Theatre" by Somerset Maugham. To begin with, that the main character is categorically not going to stop to change the mask

  • Therapy

    I guess I was so used to rely on the health of that when the main plot and intriguing story isolation is associated with madness, I feel disappointed. It is this, and not caused by the skill of the author

  • There haunted

    sort of pastiche of the classic gothic novel. I read a novel with pleasure, even though he does so very weird not impressed. With podobnoyknigoy nice pass an evening or two, when you want to rest mozgam.Dostigaetsya

  • Thick notebook

    's head spin. If you think about this book - the most disgusting, from what I have read. But at the same time - this is a real life. Although the first part was the fruit of a sick imagination, but it

  • Thieves move

  • This Is Where I Leave You

    book about how great the kids get older. Here you live so-so, not particularly like inside me, in appearance, of course, wrinkles, hairs or whatever else we happen :) Life goes on by itself, time passes,

  • This Is Where I Leave You

    Life as it is. We must learn to appreciate what they have in their hands, not in the sky, learn to see in the future, and most importantly - not to compare with what is lost forever. Yes, it is necessary

  • This Is Where I Leave You

    Description of the book is not very encouraging, but the positive reviews were still able to ignite the curiosity and I was not prejudiced by the possibility of opening a book. But, alas, the reader's

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