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  • Three age Okini-san

    life story of Russian sailor from midshipman to Rear Admiral and commander of the squadron to drunks in the slums of Japan. Unbelievably believable historical family saga, sometimes difficult, and sometimes

  • Three Comrades

    Excuse me, honest people, but I can not bring myself to get into the spirit of tragedy Remarque. Disappointed "Borrowed Life", took up everywhere chanted "Three comrades". It seems that stated on the front

  • Three Men in a boat, not counting the dogs. Three to four wheels. Stories

    Not my book! That is not my book. I read eight chapters, there is no more strength. Please do not take it personally, but you can admire this book? For me, this is utter nonsense. I know the view that

  • Three Men in a Boat. Stories

    Oh, this thin English humor! I unconditionally in love with this book! The plot tells us about the two-week boat trips of three young English gentlemen and fox terrier Montmorency River Thames. It all

  • Three polugratsii or a little love at the end of the millennium

    I love the film based on this book! I am pleased to watch it from anywhere, you are looking for. A book could be read only because it has substituted in place of actors familiar characters and tried to

  • Three red squares on a black background

    An interesting book with an unusual story. Arts, billiards, a strange theft. The protagonist, who wanted to stop the robber, is deprived of the right hand. How to live now, if the main passion of life

  • Three Wishes

    Make a wish. Meet Kettle crazy family! Three girls, Catriona, Lynette (identical twins) and Gemma (only twins) were born from almost random connection 19-year-old Maxine and 22-year-old Frank. Of course,

  • Tiger Travel

    The third part of the beginning of the course sad, REN forgot Kelso, she loves him, she hurt 640stranits passed like 100, I have them nepochuvstvovala for 2days! A beautiful journey, here already on the

  • Time and time again

    Oh how people like, "what if ..."! These infinite universes, buried daily banal and fateful choice! So for a long time and fervently love it reflected so clearly in proverbs, sayings, etc. All of these

  • Time is always a good

    boy Victor from 1980 and a girl Olya from 2018 have changed from time to time. Well, in the sense of Victor came to the future, and Olga in the past. In the not so distant to us almost 2018 children are

  • Time to Live and a Time to Die

    When the bustle of the day heard the name Erich Maria Remarque, consciousness immediately pops up the association of his book "Arc de Triomphe". All writers have a book-label, the best and otsenС‘nnaya

  • Tips on housekeeping for an assassin

    entire second half of the book I did not give rest Igor sneakers. But first - the term "software" in relation to sex. If a person flies to Iceland with shoe in hand luggage, then do not wear them, then

  • Tired of birth and death

    this book is simply impossible not to compare with the big breasts, wide ass, so I will continue to use the abbreviation "BG". This book is, in fact, the reincarnation of the BG and at the same time the

  • Titus Groa

    Perhaps because that is not themselves bumps angered Earl, but that they somehow reminded him of all his failures. We sat like that with Kafka (yes, the fact that Franz), drank kofeek late evening iobsuzhdali

  • To suffer, to forgive

    Love so nice and simply hold itself in mistakes of the past vices, you are depriving yourself buduschego.V this book we see how everyone is trying to move on. Rethink, understand, something to forget.

  • Too many nightmares

    Smack Children's offense last lines read, the book is closed and put away on the shelf, but in my heart aches from the brand children's resentment: "How, and it all ..?" Between the lines of this book

  • Torchwood: One Rule

    “I thought you might help me.” “Oh, bless you, but no. I’m from London, I don’t do local politics. Good night!” Вот уж не думала,

  • Tow

    paraphrase Munchausen, in our time, have a profession designer or programmer - it's like not to have any. Here are the main characters of Igor and Katya is one. Do no use to anyone working without getting

  • Training novel

    Love is not so easy given. This is a game with victories and defeats. The same type of romantic literature, which does not meet your expectations! Not in a bad way. Just my idea of the end and the relationship

  • Transatlantic

    From the first lines of the novel became clear to me that before the end of the book the author will sing diferamby Ireland. And that, I do not mind. I never have been in this country, but in photos and

  • Trap for Cinderella

    Well twisted so twisted! Who else but the author may be better than others to talk about his work and tell the reader that it is waiting for "I attribute my books to the genre of the psychological novel,

  • Travel Diary in Russia. Food for Thought

    The first publication in Russia ... Dear reader! Needless to say, how many interesting and exciting things are in the world and the book can open or close the door in the process of understanding those

  • True enemies

    zhizneutverzhdayusche. So much so that in spite of the interest likely to get to an outcome in which the positivity was no doubt wanted a longer stretch of the positive presence. Somewhere in the subcortex

  • True Life

    Many of the books read by me and related to the theme of "Magic Realism" got me on the result of good assessment, even if in the process of reading, I was not always happy with them. Apparently there is

  • Turtle Soup

    This book is probably some kind of confession than the history of the area and stalkers. The monsters here are not important, and "stupidity" miroustroytsva underlines the whole sur described pictures

  • Two brothers

    last page extra Until a certain point I liked in the book everything. I liked that she was on the Jewish question, about jazz, about friendship and love. I love books that has been written about this friendship

  • Two in the wilderness

    Memory harder time. Books about the war, it is, perhaps, the eternal genre in our literature. Why? It seems to me for several reasons. Firstly, our country, because of its natural and geographical features,

  • Two years holiday

    What a pity that we are the children, and how nice it would be if we were adults read four books by Jules Verne, I have, I think, there were survival skills on a desert island. First of all, you need to

  • Ubik

    Ubik When that happened to me: I sleep murky that the dream ... Prosypayus- middle of the night, barely wondering who I was and where I leave in the next room - the TV shows the white noise. Vyglyadyvayuv

  • Ukraine, which was not. Mythology Ukrainian ideology

    narration in the book is carried out on behalf intervyuvera that is artistic techniques. In it the author tells about his experience of rejection Ukrainian culture and imposed on him all the inhabitants

  • Unbearable Lightness of Being

    The Unbearable Lightness of time spent reading. The bottom line - nothing. Too easy to read - it is bad. So it is impossible to grasp the slightest sense, and time consuming to dig it in this case seems

  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    * spoilers * Book with a series of "how terrible to live." A particularly frightening to live when you're in America ... in the 17-19 centuries ... and you - a Negro! But if some of the characters in this

  • Under the rose

    capture so I grab a book. I held until the last intrigue. And when finishing the already, I wanted to scream - wow, I did not expect such a turn. But the book and its author were able to surprise even

  • Under the rose

    probably 17/18 years I would have liked the whole thing is much more. Then I still think that cruelty is necessary to meet the even greater cruelty, aggression ... well, you get the idea. I thought that

  • Unripe berries of gooseberries

    Petrushevskaya not read the first time and not the first time the feeling of something magical. Whether such language, or style, but something about the air in the text there. And maybe because of the

  • Until the rain fell

    Family Saga in which all entirely unhappy. Unloved children are born unloved children - and this cycle is almost endless. And sometimes in life there are surprising coincidence that something is probably

  • Unvarnished Cat

    If you love cats, and the need to pass the evening for some light and funny book, the "Cat unvarnished" just what you need. It is easy, unpretentious, humorous described life, probably, absolutely all

  • Ural-Batyr. Bashkir folk epic

    Bashkir epic On the instructions of the institute took up the development of the genre as a heroic epic. And so it fell first on my way became epic Bashkir. Bashkiria - a country of steppes and warlike,

  • Valkyrie

  • Vereshchagin

    Prior to this book, I knew about the artist Vasily Vereshchagin's absolutely two facts. Firstly, it is he wrote the famous "The Apotheosis of War"; secondly, he was killed in the Russian-Japanese war in

  • Veronika Decides to Die

    Veronika Decides to Die Have you ever thought about how really easy to die? You can jump out of the window of a nine-house, pull the trigger gun or swallow tablets. Why live? Why waste time on the job,

  • Vertigo

    "Survival destroys the boundaries of consciousness. All that you thought deeply hidden, repressed, suddenly breaks out with tenfold riot." I could not tear myself away from the book is not read until the

  • Victim advertising

    Probably not just a little bit caught me this collection. On top of the phone reading, part of a computer, and some even print and read a paper. Just came out with stories, some liked it, others a little

  • Violist Danilov

    This thing has become for me a disappointment and mystery of the year. Creator of heaven! Moscow and evil enough to book could honor the comparison with "Master and Margarita"! And another product that

  • Virgin and the spindle

    is well! In this book there is a retelling of the fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty." That is to say, a modern fairy tale. You can not ignore the illustrations by Chris Riddell, because they are smart. Book

  • Volokolamsk Highway

    soldier's conscience. "You do not know how to fight, fight two senses:. Fear and conscience The most ferocious beasts are not able to fight so badly these two feelings you know the worker's conscience,

  • Walking on Glass

    Have not experienced such delight from the books. "Steps on the glass" - is not pure realism and not sur ​​rather unconventional magic realism. It seems as if the mirror seemed hook, and someone

  • War of the Worlds

    first book seemed to me boring, but then began to read only because to know what will dalshe.Nazvaniya little towns cut ear. Probably due to the fact that I was not used to that name. Book than what still

  • Warcraft. Durotan

    ! Strength and Honor How was pleased to once again plunge into the world of Warcraft, with its colorful landscapes, harsh winters, unusual animals and, of course, orkami.Severnye Wolves - so called clan,

  • Warm history of coffee

    I not a big fan of small genres, because I love to write stories instead of reading them. But this book really struck me and captured. Very warm and warming stories. They are surprisingly family and holidays,

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