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  • Art to think big

    remarkable book. It inspires and motivates. "Man is a product of your own thoughts." "Most of faith leads to a large increase in" "No work is more important than working on them." "The ability to -. This

  • As I had a little

    book Faith Inber "As I was little," was published in the series "This is a different childhood" by the publishing house "Speech" will be of interest to a wider audience. It consists of short memories of

  • Ask Me

    Surprisingly izdanie.Illyustratsii beautiful, hand-drawn colored pencil, and this eye so comfortable, as if you yourself were painted his vision while reading a book. History is a simple girl, walking

  • Asylum 3/9

    I'm so hearty start to read contemporary Russian literature, so admired and so on, that was not afraid of anything not telling me the names. And burned, again making sure that it is better to read "tested"

  • At Princess century is short

    It is a charming work. To the best of fun, intelligent and fascinating. Before laughter will not come, but there is a reason to smile postoyanno.Osnovnoy source of humor - many puns. I remember as a child's

  • At the magic cinnamon

    Cockroach in the cylinder on the cover. Well, you know what I could not, well. Cockroach zhe.Esli you are in free fall, down to earth and death just a few meters, and is clearly ahead of looming pechalka

  • Atlas Shrugged (set of 3 books)

    I think if I had not listened to the audio book in a shortened version, and read in the paper, an assessment would be even lower. Dystopia came very implausible, just to the extreme. All reversed from

  • Atonement

    On the one hand, this book is about the war and how it can izlomat fate. But this is only one (if not than the front) side. In fact, it tells the story of how in times of peace (or a relatively peaceful)

  • Atonement

    Almost the entire book in me bubbling fury on Briony. I read and did not believe that the child is capable of thirteen so zealously and confidently slander adult, without suffering or remorse, or fear.

  • Australian studies. About animals and humans fifth continent

    Just read. An interesting book about animals. Books by Bernhard Grzimek were very popular in the past 70-80gg veka.I book "for wild animals has no place" in the 14 years in general was read by me to the

  • Bag desires

    apartment, car and caravan in the bargain ... Who among us does not dream about winning the lottery to a significant amount, say a million or two or twenty. And of course in my head like castles in the

  • Barabbas

    Mr. Lagerkvist, where you hid a time machine? A breath of fresh air for me was the story "Barabbas." The main character - the character of the New Testament, the same robber, who was released on Easter,

  • Bat

    Oh, this Harry! That's fair! What a protagonist! I do not know, of course, is the first book in the series, and my curiosity pushed me to read at least one more part, because the plot as a whole is not

  • Bat

    series about Harry Hole interested for a long time: sister read a few books (though not the first) and also strongly advised to read, and I love the Scandinavian series, so decided to take the case. This

  • Bat

    Of course, it all starts with a murder, it's still a detective. Of course, the main character encounters during the investigation with a thousand and one terrible secrets, gets into trouble, finds the

  • Batman. Book 1. The Court of Owls

    Some said that it is mediocre and generally spend time on it is not worth it. Others - and that very krutota. And I, which usually divides in half all the reviews and make your own opinion runs, this time

  • Beautiful summer

    Since reading Pavese, I'm not hoping for something life-affirming. Therefore I started, actually. But what happened, I did not expect. The name promised something else. I saw some reason the village, summer

  • Bellmen and Black, or stranger in black

    Rooks are not what they seem intriguing started came out pretty dull life one deeply unhappy man. No intrigue, mysticism only permanent death of close people to the protagonist. Why so scoff at William,

  • Bestiary

    I will read one at a time - I promised myself. According to one story at a time, because the exam tomorrow, and so little time, and the book has long been such a fine ... I was not mistaken. It was impossible

  • Between Heaven and Earth

  • Between two times

    One of the first stories that I read about time travel, was "A Sound of Thunder" Bradbury. If he was not the first, then, it was the most memorable. And there was a kind of standard, a set of rules, which

  • Biotechnology Amount

    To eat or not to eat? That is the question. Who mistrustful of science - to subdue the sling and arrows, TV rage. Or yet, turned against propaganda, immediately their arguments of reason? Read, learn,

  • Biotechnology Sum

    perfect read for those who do not zazhmurivaet brain with the word "GMO", and ready to be interested in and try to understand what it is and what it eats. For people in the subject can be a bit boring,

  • Bitter chocolate. Book of consolations

  • Black Obelisk

    So many thoughts, it is difficult to start. Roman, where a sad irony, describes the life of a provincial German town in between wars. Rabid inflation, alcoholism and utter darkness ahead wrap each character.

  • Black Orchid

    Explanatory grandstand play "The Black Dahlia" is quite superficial and much-much "men", all these boxing fights underage prostitute, dismemberment ... slime and horror! The fact that a series of novels

  • Black Prince

    read through, if emerged from the pool. It is difficult to gather his thoughts after this book. I'd like to call it a theater of the absurd, but in fact does nothing absurd in it. Fair enough, and zero

  • Black Widow

    Hot summer physician Portland morgue did not like the most. The corpses are swollen, and the work becomes almost unbearable. But this time, the body quite fresh, a man dies in his home under mysterious

  • Blackberry Wine

    Wine said. It's common knowledge. Look around. Ask the oracle street, the intruder at the wedding feast, the holy fool. It says. It ventriloquize. He has a million votes. It unleashes the tongue, blurting

  • Blackberry wine

    everyday magic charm of the small villages, it is just indescribably towns. I love these little universes, with the settled way of life, traditions and people. Joanne Harris manages to create an incredibly

  • Blackberry Winter

    sad, a little banal story. Honestly, something I began to tire of history with a double, parallel (or whatever it's called?) Storyline. Why is it always the hero of the day it seems to me too effeminate,

  • Blackberry Winter

    & quot; blackberry winter & quot; Sarah Gio Being a representative of the male, I often motivate a book written by a woman hand and tells the story of love, tragedy, drama. Something in these books

  • Blade sleep

    I think, to this book, I have never encountered with urban fantasy and magical realism, with the exception of Gaiman, if it can be attributed to the genre. It was unusual for me. It seems to be a fairy

  • Blindness

    book that in fact we are just animals. The book perfectly illustrates that the human in us quite shaky. And in a moment of crisis, and often without it, we return to our basic instincts and needs. If you

  • Blood Element

    "If the world is worthless life, then why in the next world, it should be better?" After his death, as expected, people get either to Paradise or to Hell. And everything seems to be nothing but Paradise

  • Blood Element

    What if our earth - hell some other planet? Very similar to that! Too realistic and familiar look everyday in a hell Zotov. Closely detailed ironic approach. In the course of the story, getting acquainted

  • Blue Flame

    Oh Six, it was great, and enchantingly delicious !!! I do not even know what I can write ... It's not a sequel, it's a thrill in its purest form! Kaif throughout the 374-page! Of course, I was hoping that

  • Blue riband

    book contains the history of the transatlantic liners, ranging from sailing packet-boats (the first type of vessel who crossed the Atlantic in the late nineteenth century) to the cruise ships, the modern

  • Book club and pies made ​​from potato peelings

    Very good book. Little is read in the epistolary genre, and yet did not want to undertake it. But it captured - easily written, interesting, good characters. Letter after letter (each - lively, interesting,

  • Book club and pies made ​​from potato peelings

    The beauty of what a book! Cute, funny and kind. I read and relax the soul. Of course, the fairy-tale element in the history of the present, as noted by Fox, can not be that a writer in love with an ordinary

  • Book drakonС–v

    This is the most wonderful fairy tale that I have ever read. In each of the 8 tales have a dragon. And every time a completely original and new, from the little that was in the eye, to huge, that swallowed

  • Book East African bird

    book has surpassed all my expectations! Were so wonderful that no words. It really is a real wonders. Such subtle that creates the impression that this is not a miracle, and our everyday lives. So in our

  • Book loneliness

    finally find on the shelves of a bookstore treasure these things (previously perechitanoe-subtraction, but in electronic form), was delighted beyond measure. Price certainly was biting, and the publication

  • Book Magic

    Book Gaiman's great, but still very geymanovskie like. And for the first time this is not a compliment. Despite the sheer difference of subjects, "Magic Book" is so reminiscent of "The Sandman", they get

  • Born fog. Book 3. Hero of Ages

    It's my time to leave a review of the trilogy "Born fog." Books, of course, are good: gramotnosostavlenny subject as a whole, as well as some individual episodes, catchy characters, interesting look at

  • Born to run

    "you stop running, not because age, - said Demon. - You age, because it stopped running ".book of those that form the dream. The book is one of those that have, simply have to fall into the hands at exactly

  • Borrowed Life

    I started to read "life .." More to the Western Front, but is not set. Then there were "three comrades", the beginning was Marquez 'Love in the Time of Cholera, "but not specified. And then I decided to

  • Boy Midflight

    Usually that kind of premise in a blurb doesn't interest me enough to begin reading a book, and I wasn't going to, but then I found out about the audio version and nearly jumped at the thought of listening

  • Brain and happiness. Mysteries of modern neuropsychology

    The further, the better understand why the translators have decided to move away from the original English title, which literally translates as "The brain of Buddha: Practical Neuroscience of Happiness,

  • Brain development. How to read faster and remember better achieve great goals

    Brain almighty My friend somehow sluchilsyaroman with a young man from Tatarstan. She loved to rummage in his phone and porassprashivat who is who. One evening a conversation: - And who is this diamond?

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