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  • We - bright elves

    Overall nice story. I read it and thought, like a wolf from a joke that gets a hoof on her forehead - I have something which I climb, I'm do not know how to read! Well, in the sense that I nafig for it

  • We run away!

    A good book! Very dobraya.Pro friendship, school, liking school, uchiteley.Nu and about children's fears, odinochestvoi neuverennost.Mnozhestvo school problems, education, families are affected in such

  • What I loved

    this book - and some of those that I love especially. first the entire first part, I wondered what it all and why such meticulousness in describing quite household items. in the second part of my heart

  • What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

    This book is the least of a healthy lifestyle. While jogging is the author prompted the need to maintain the health and shape. Because it is necessary for day to day work of the writers - an intellectual,

  • What if? ..

    Having read this work just want to write a review to streamline the feeling is that it ... The story of four childhood friends. Three girls and a boy, kotoryezhivut in the neighborhood and not on good

  • What would a fairy tale

    is not & quot; How to & quot ;, and is really a fairy tale !! I do not know how this magic books, but it works - I have not finished reading the second sentence, and knew that I could not break

  • What's wrong with the dog one night

    ... nothing good has happened to the dog. And the people, too. Some reviewers wrote that book eventless - and it seemed to me that the case is different. On the one hand, it is a strong literary text,

  • When Marnie was here

    last I had the opportunity to buy this wonderful book! I first became acquainted with the history of anime thanks to Marnie - "Memories of Marnie" (2014) Extremely touching story filled with light sadness.

  • When the leaves fall

    all the time that I read the book, it reminded me of "chocolate" only more mature and not so sweet, and bitter dark chocolate. Book-history, the history of a number of different women who are to assist

  • Where did we go? Sail alone. Planet Water (set of 3 audiobook MP3)

    I am not a fan of this hot cycle, but listened to all the novels with great pleasure, what great merit wonderful readers! And what can I say, listen to the latest and relatively new creation, consisting

  • Where haze hills

    for those who read the book! I think I've found the key! I have been reading reviews on this site, but this book has pushed me to create your account. Today I finished reading this novel and was greatly

  • Where the carcase

    Imagine you -molodaya girl, nonchalantly walking down the beach, the sun is shining, the tide on the shore of a soul. The mood - wonderful! And suddenly in front of you a small rock, jutting out into the

  • Whirlwind

    To be honest, I do not know how to write this knigu.To that is written in it is beyond my comprehension. This is a very heavy book. I could not read it quietly - and then interrupted to drink water or

  • Whisper dead

    good detective - this time Dr. Hunter works in America, "trupoferme" in Tennessee, and catches the first two serial ubiytsu.No - English - I liked more. - More characters. And yet, my problem is that I

  • White Book

  • White Fang. A thousand dozen. Love of life

    has occurred my first encounter with Jack London. And it was successful. But how hard to read about animals, especially about the attitude towards them, cruel treatment. Reading this work, my heart every

  • White on Black

    Black-color struggle and hope, the color of the night sky ... I would say that black is the color of the book. Gray, dark, dirty. It is the color of the author's anger and resentment that can not be forgotten.

  • White teeth

    tedious, boring, boring. Comic, say the story? I did not notice. Rather sarcastic. In several places, grinning, I will not deny it, but the interest in the book is not pribavilo.Vsego somehow much. Too

  • Who found, takes himself

    second novel by Stephen King of the trilogy of Bill Hodges 'who found himself takes "made on me is not so impressive, as previously read" Mr. Mercedes' and I will try to explain pochemu.V the beginning,

  • Wild Swan and other tales

    Triggers Perhaps we no longer believe in prevention. It is run eyed, grinning - but as the same tale in a new way, beware! We've read hundreds of variations, terrible. funny, erotic, mysterious and evil.

  • Wilt

    Neprestuplenie and reprisals "I'm trembling creature or have the right ?!" - Asks another "insignificant little man" and start their personal war with the system. His name is Henry Wilt, he teaches at

  • Wings

    - If you and I were a bird - as we soared, as it flew ... It would have drowned in the blue ... But we are not birds. - And the wings can we grow up, - I replied. - How? - Live - learn. There are feelings

  • Wings

    book simply wonderful. We live in a world complicated by the different circumstances of our lives. And sometimes you want to believe in a fairy tale, in miracles, in magic. Every book I read that I experience

  • Wings

    Wings, give love again replenishment in #MyBestList))) I learned about the book from the Internet in January of this year, but the electronic version I could not find, had to wait for the printing, which

  • Wolf tender my

  • Wolfberry

    not once read and now reread with pleasure in childhood. I would not say that it is really a horror story, but it is written very well, alive. All these forests and swamps as in reality, and feel wonderful

  • Woman in the Dunes

    Another attempt to break into the Japanese world turned to me another fiasco. The Parable of the sand that falls asleep all around, of hopelessness and despair ... Honestly, I wanted to hero broke loose.

  • Woman in the Dunes

    sand, sand, sand circle ... entomologist amateur goes to the very edge of the railway line, in the best sand, in order to indulge in his passion. He wants to make a discovery, but wander in the desert

  • Women Victorian England: from ideal to blemish

    Do you like England as I love her? If you had the opportunity to sit in the time machine, where would you go? - Miss you next leave? - No, I to England 19 veka.I here ... You are in Victorian England.

  • Women. The conversation is not about men

    Read this book to understand that aims sleduyuschee.Na common feminism? What he fights (I emphasize: common) For the freedom and right to choose, even if it's solitude, or even if it is a marriage at will,

  • Word and Deed. In 2 books

    A man who your these completely untroubled by Russian emperors, Pikul falls on his head like a sledgehammer. And why? At school we had the world's history, and detail and tight, we were taught, of course,

  • Word in the way

    What can I say? The book is amazing. It is impossible to read at home, but only in the way, and each time reading it I want to change the route. Going home from school, and here you green Iceland or "layered"

  • Word living and the dead

    is a real hymn. Rech. And a beautiful voice, gramotnoy.Nora Gaal knows how to entice the reader. With it, you forget that the book refers to non-fiction. There is a feeling that he did not read - listen!

  • Work Hard. Be Nice.: How Two Inspired Teachers Created the Most Promising Schools in America

    Рекомендованая книга Биллом Гейтсом Рекомендованая книга

  • World History. Volume 1. From the Big Bang to the campaigns of Alexander the Great

    Pros: + Humor + fairly short, but informative + Possessed an enormous amount of time + unusual format - comics + Comics + panache black and white, you can paint it yourself, and do not need any coloring

  • World Midnight

    decided to get acquainted with contemporary Russian fiction, read the annotation to this book, and I liked the story and found it interesting, and here and would have been my fault I .Luchshe ogranichilasodnoy

  • World-Ring

    Space fantasy - world of the future. Earthlings live long. Navigate through the planet instantaneously. Master space. Meet alien races at war with nimi.Mir books - interesting. The race, which the author

  • Wuthering Heights

    Wuthering Heights, Let it all come together on a thunderstorm there were three girls sisters. And the name they had a wonderful, exciting, almost magical. Senior - Charlotte (dark blue), medium - Emily

  • Year hare

    How to start living novel about a free man, his honor and dignity, and that other people have taken our freedom. Good can only be where you are the one ... with a silent and faithful hare! The main character

  • You are invited to

  • You are not alone, girl

    This book appeared in my library by accident. After all, I thank God, not experienced such grief as the loss of a child. It is very difficult, very painful subject ... when a child dies in the womb or

  • You or never

    read, "You or never" met several years. A few winters, rather, is going, the snow has melted, and had to wait until next winter. The impression left ambiguous. On the one hand, lonely introverted characters

  • You Personally I personally

    fantastic book which can not hang down. By reading each story, like myself are living all the moments. I fall in love every time. 1 book. 4 of history. Many feelings. "If you think that someone can not

  • Yozhka vs. Rector

    2 book. Set Jezek is the same as the place of action - Academy fighters for hostel hut on chicken nozhkahiz first book in the repair. YY another - rozovolosaya and belligerent daughter troll who managed

  • Zero number

    if the media They create myths, or, on the contrary, the mythology is reflected in newspaper articles? What is the role of the press in the world today? Is there such a thing as a "free press"? "Zero Room"

  • Zilber. The third diary of dreams

    Here is another trilogy Kerstin Gier came to its logical conclusion. I waited for one another no matter how this book. The original idea and the characters are hooked. After the acquisition of the final

  • Zuleiha eyes open

  • Zuleiha opens his eyes

    Zuleiha opens his eyes. So begins the story of a young woman from a Tatar village, sixteen years of difficult and tragic life Zuleiha. I really liked the book, from the first chapter, which tells about

  • Zuleiha opens his eyes

    when I noticed this book (the end of September 2015). She had just 219 chitateley.Koda start read- about 950 when finished - 1050. The extent to which the book becomes, and has become popular to talk do

  • Франкенштейн или, Современный Прометей

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