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  • Brave New World

    I consider this dystopia one of the best among those that I have read ( "Fahrenheit 451", "1984", "Animal Farm"). Huxley coined a cool concept for a new world, which is different from other anti-utopias.

  • Bride

    What is - be Dowry? In our time, the dowry is not important, she has the right to choose all his companions .. Whether for love or by calculation .. It does not matter, she is poor or rich .. And how it

  • Bride

    If you talk about the "Bride" in a nutshell, is the inscription "Love Story" on the cover exactly conveys the essence of the book. It is necessary to clarify that novel - quality, interesting and not at

  • Bride

    Why the choice fell exactly on this book? I do not know ... I just wanted to relax and relieve the brain, read something simple about love and magic. But fortunately or unfortunately with this book I did

  • Bridge to Terabithia

    This is not your fault When you're young, even when the whole world says and decides how you do, you're mad, into a frenzy looking for native dushu.I you damn lucky, if at least someone will close, who

  • Bridget Jones

    book is fun - and no more. If not for a brilliant image created charming Rene, the book does not stand out from a number of books on similar subjects. It is read in one gulp, easily and naturally. The

  • Bridget Jones's Diary

    Bridget Jones - my fictional friend February 23, Tuesday Weight: 49 (damn ice cream!). Number eaten citrus: 1.5 kg. The amount of alcohol:. 1.5 portions (a second glass of wine overturned Myshkin is my

  • Broadchurch

    Murder - this is not a detective. The murder - it is a tragedy. And probably only with this book I felt it completely. This tragedy is not one person, not even the same family. It affects many of those

  • Brokeback Mountain

    Oddly enough, but the plot is a three-hour film-prize winner of the "Oscar" missed the 40 pages of the story. Or vice versa. And the authors of the film does not come up with any additional storylines

  • Brothers Merezhkovskys. Book 1. Otschepenis Silver Age

    elder brother of the famous writer Merezhkovsky - Constantine - was that even pepper. A talented scientist, a pedophile, and the Black Hundreds - hard to believe. Written by a unique text utopia "Heaven

  • Buddenbrooks

    "Happiness and success is within us. And we need to keep them steady, tenacious. And once inside there is something begins to soften, weaken, resist fatigue, then and there, outside, all the forces break

  • Buried Giant

    What is this book? The fact that the giant buried memories, illusions, old feuds and conflicts may one day wake up. And it is not known for certain whether he will bring the people to get rid of their

  • Burned alive

    East - is a mystery. This fairy tale "1001 Nights". These are huge markets. This hospitality and generous treats. This rich sheikhs and a beautiful woman. But this coin has another side: polygamy, lack

  • Burning Chariot

    Roman (probably) at C grade, but the translation, sorry, localization ... not needed at all, in the form in which they were to be done. About the cover say anything - please readers stories of the caravan

  • Burning Island

    Here's how breathtakingly describes all Kazantsev! Yes, Soviet science fiction, yes, somewhat naive and far-fetched, and equivocation in the direction of communism there, and waving their fists in the

  • Bushido. The Warrior's Way

  • Butterfly Collector

    Finnish prose I was not gone. I can not say that it is - a bad product. Just the opposite. And the story itself of inheritance from a stranger, and subsequent surveys common intersections with him in the

  • By changing the personality [fan-translation]

    "Like all live without at least one alter-ego?" "By changing the personality," Richard BayerEsche one story about dissociative identity rastrojstvo. At the head of this woman fits 17 persons of different

  • By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

  • Byron

    & quot; Fallen Angel & quot; ... George Gordon Byron and his personality interested me for a long time. And how can you not be interested in a man who had such an impact on the culture of the beginning

  • Cafe mage

    You can not believe in magic, but I know exactly what it is, how to know and what Nadzeya - sorceress. I do not understand how she does it, but from her writings it makes me so warm and cozy, even forget

  • CafГ© lost youth

    this year has decided to fill the gaps in the Nobel Laureates and naturally turned to Patrick Modiano, which did not know to know, until he was given the award. I chose a product by name, very much beautiful

  • Call

    're seven days ... I remember how the American film version of "Call" scared me so 10 years ago at a summer camp. Yes, it would not be so terrible if the territory was not sealed kolodets.Samoe funny was

  • Call Countess

    Olga Kuno fails, the book is an interesting and easy. There's the intrigue, and a bit of action, humor and feelings. I liked that the author did not describe the SG-nude, simply wrote "To a man perceived

  • Camera Obscura

    "abomination Pigsty." - Said Maks.Kak times these two words stuck in my mind after reading the "Camera Obscura" Nabokov. Perhaps because of their age, because drafts do not erode all the maximalism of

  • Can you keep a secret?

    Why Sophie Kinsella heroine all fools? Well, not a clever and razumnenkoy. But all men as one, business entrepreneurs with a gorgeous body and expensive watches. This novel is no exception. And even though

  • Cardiology

  • Carrie

    horror Prince Before becoming King of Horror, Stephen King had to go through a lot. Few people know, but before becoming a writer, he had to listen to a lot of failures. Alfred Hitchcock, sent to King

  • Carrie

    That would be the day has come now, and Christ came not with the lamb and the shepherd's staff, and on the cobblestones in each hand, to destroy the mockers and torturers to tear up by the roots and destroy

  • Case of Kukotskiy

    lot of emotions I had in the course of reading this novel. The main thing now all their vosstanovit.p start was quite inspiring and life. The history of the doctor, the fight for his idea, disputes with

  • Cat's Cradle

    evening. The land already has deviated by n degrees, forming a darkness in the coordinates of my location. Calmly, the radio "silver rain" sounds, I walk along the paths of a work Vonnegut's "Cat's Cradle".

  • Cat's Cradle

    Here without spoilers can not do ... I feel the deepest astonishment and bewilderment strong, probably the same feelings experienced any coastal people, when in front of their eyes in an instant frozen

  • Cat's Cradle

    If not flashmob in 2016, it is unlikely that I would have liked this book dochitala.Ne, that's not like this is the impression that wade through the words and sentences, both through the thicket, trying

  • Catch Me If You Can

    for the hundredth time to remind myself that this biography. And for the hundredth time I can not believe. That's the same great talent - that Frank Abagnale! And the fraudster from God, and a ladies'

  • Catch-22

    It would seem that fun in the war? Death, blood, suffering and destruction can never be a cause for laughter. But perhaps the people who are on the verge of death, know how to appreciate the little things

  • Caucasus

  • Caught in ghosts

    - Unexplained does not always mean the supernatural. Often it simply means that we do not have enough knowledge to find an explanation. In any case, at the moment. Attention! There will be many spoilers!

  • Cave

    subsurface Antarctica obnaruzhenpodzemny maze. In one of his caves emerged about five million years ago, found the remains of an ancient settlement, that is, before the advent of the earliest ancestors

  • Cell Phones

    In our modern world it is too often heard things associated with the apocalypse. But to be honest, it's so interesting to see how the new can destroy the world. So during the February holidays I came across

  • Central Park

  • Central Park

    I have deja vu. French author and the heroine of the novel the police again, her name also starts with the letter A, like the heroine of another French novel "The Passenger", in addition she is not quite

  • Central Park

    A strange feeling after this book, we can not say she liked it or not. Probably in my head all too confusing, as there. But for sure it can be argued, I would advise you to read it. The book begins as

  • Chain reaction

    That resulted in a series of the brothers Fuentes. To distinguish one book from another, read them at long intervals, the three stories are not merged into one, since it is very similar to each other storylines.

  • Charming intestine. As the most powerful body controls us

    What would be interesting to you, but you might hesitate about this sprosit.Knigu worth reading if you: a) want to remember from school biology; b) want neighing over the picture above and the examples

  • Charming intestine. As the most powerful body controls us

    excellent book to get acquainted with their domestic mirom.Budem fair hearing on the book for the first time, I reacted with skepticism to it and was not going to pay attention. But good reviews appear

  • Charodol. Book 3. Charodolsky deg

    That flew another trilogy of Scherba. Despite the fact that in the summary states that "Charodol - a book for grown-up readers Chasodeev 'past seemed to me more serious, thoughtful and eventful product.

  • Chasodei. All the key

    in teenage fantasy has arrived! (Review of August 2015) It's nice when the writers come up with some pretty magic, especially if it is associated with unusual items: magic wands in the Harry Potter series,

  • Chasodei. Hourly Heart

    Truth is always more painful than a lie, but it leads to the correct conclusions. After reading the second part of "Chasodeev" One thing is for sure: it is a pity that I have not moved in time years 12

  • Chemist

    Once Ingrid Noll thought and thought, and to a variety of books on the killings and treacherous love triangle added his - bestseller called "Chemist". The main character - Ella - famous for his ability

  • Chemistry death

    detective thriller, detective trillerny .... The great thing! I liked it and want more, even in spite of all sorts of nasty details of decay and that the book does not pull on the highly intelligent reading.

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