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  • Childhood. Adolescence. Youth

    do not know. It seems that this autobiographical trilogy made ​​me a long time to believe that I do not like LN Tolstoy. Fortunately, I soon read something else from him. It seems, "Sevastopol

  • Children crow

    In the book "Children of the Raven," the first attempt to talk about Stalin's time, children, and from children's faces. Books, in which we described the 30-ies on behalf of the child, of course, went

  • Children waters

    all sad and naive alternative version on what awaits us after death. In the end, the author - a preacher, so "do good and will reward you." Good language interesting allegory, this fairy tale with nedetskiy

  • Chocolate

    tasty. I guess that's all I can say about the book. Warm, cozy, cute and very tasty! However, it remains a feeling of dissatisfaction. And, probably, not only from the fact that at the time of reading

  • Chocolate on boiling water

    Book circumnavigation в„–7. Mexico "Chocolate in the boiling water" reading is a pleasure, the book is not spoiled or magical realism (food cooked main character aired her feelings) nor absurd love

  • Chocolate on boiling water

    Oh, Mexico! She loves him, he loves her. But traditionally it should not marry until her mother is still alive, because it is - a younger sister, and her mother - she even tiranka. So he married her sister.

  • Christmas Carol

    said: New Year's Eve What you desire - It always happens, everything is always sbyvaetsya.V version of Dickens, of course, not new year and Christmas, but the meaning remains the same. "A Christmas Carol"

  • Christmas holidays

    As always, bravo Maugham in such a precise drawing characters. I even imagine each drew not only internally but also externally. When we see someone for the first time, we see him one, and only when it

  • Christmas Red Cardinal

    ... Here are two cock that wake of a shepherd, who swears to korovnitsey strictly Which milking a cow hornless, Lyagnuvshuyu old dog without a tail, who pulls the collar cat who scares and catches a bird,

  • Christmas stories

    When reading such similar stories in my head there was some confusion. But little by little will deal with it and will express their thoughts and impressions. Christmas Carol O, familiar story. It's a

  • Chronicle of Karl IX and other works

  • Cinderella to Snow Lord

    gun did not fire a single time. Another okololyubovnaya hackneyed story that the author tried to make the original in the fantasy genre. Failed. Neither love nor fantasy. The idea was originally good.

  • City ashes

  • City Books dreamed

    author, well, you get away to one side, for you can not see the plot When expect to get an unusual, fabulous and fascinating world of a fairy tale dash and obnaruzhivaeshrazdutoe ego, not very well covered

  • City dust

    When I took the second part of the series "Death Machines" books, I do not remember much from the first. But I still had a very strong desire to read the continuation. And I could not wait for the moment

  • City of Bones

  • City of Fallen Angels

    Everything is the same as in the rest of the books - I xs what's going on with the story why he began to reveal the last few hundred pages?!?! - Clary and Jace same annoying as before, except that surpassed

  • City Shadow

    "Magic City, this Prague! No city did not leave a living memory in me. No city is not looking at the visitor so marvelous, intelligent human-eyes. " FI Tyutchev.Praga - a city of secrets, mysteries, beautiful

  • Class picture this year

    I'm more in love with Simmons. Apparently chose the right tactics love. I do not read horror and fear them. I do not like the theme zombiapokalipsisa. Yet, still, I picked up this story. It would seem

  • Cloud Atlas

    For me, this book is like a box of delicious chocolates "Assorted"! It several stories, each of which is self-sufficient, but, in this case, is connected with the previous one. In the first part all the

  • Cockroaches

    second portion of the story about a talented detective Harry Hole, which this time investigating the case about the murder of the ambassador in Thailand. Alas, it seemed to me that too much discussion

  • Code of Dishonor

    Roman Elena Kotova fully discloses the idea that an entrepreneur may be far not everyone. To do this, you need to have quite certain qualities, not often encountered in society. Among them: the ability

  • Cold rooms for storage of fruits and vegetables in a controlled gaseous environment

    According to CSG is generally difficult to find some kind of intelligible information, so that in spite of the age of twenty it raises a veil of darkness. Thank you! Principles of work, construction part,

  • Cold twins

    Somehow expecting something mystical: ghost story, the transmigration of souls, etc. But in fact, the book was a family drama with elements of a psychological thriller. Each of the family members in their

  • Collective Mind

    Book cheerful, but serious - a good combination. And an interesting topic: What will happen to mankind, if you give him everything? Reasons people happy, do good - and almost died. The invention "Collective

  • Collector. Borderlands

    & quot; collector & quot; not by Fowles and Dmitry Kazakov by new, sixth on the account book of the series "Borderland", started by Sergei Lukyanenko, did not disappoint, and leave a good impression.

  • Come in large numbers

    and I will not build yourself insulted soul and stiffly correct glasses on the bridge of the nose to spill tirade that too much of the mat and drunken women in the book Narine Abgaryan "come in large numbers."

  • Company Spellbound

    Book read the second time, the first seems banal not have enough time, and return to interrupted read to me has always been difficult. Now exactly sure - you need to find the time and finish at once, while

  • Complete Works. Volume 3. The Call of Cthulhu

    The great genius unrecognized during his lifetime HP Lovecraft I was not impressed. Of course possible with the "writer" of life these ideas were a novelty and were anything interesting (travel dreams,

  • Concierge

    Great Harm and Petty Tricks For a short time I etovtoraya book about the morbid obsession of one man by another, and his desire to spoil life to the ground, for reasons visible only to him and his sick

  • Confessions Terrible mom. How to raise wonderful children, until they brought you crazy

    Maternity - not happy moments chain, skillfully orchestrated in a beautiful slideshow. It can be both a wonderful, dirty, frightening, difficult, wonderful, exhausting, joyous, thankless, frustrating vdohnovlyayuschim.Kniga

  • Conspiracy ghosts

    This is the second book about a girl - medium Trevelyan Agnes and her guardian-unusual faerie James Lind. It is worth noting that the first book I really liked, and I would set about reading the second

  • Conspiracy, or The Secret Life 2

    We are interested in another - in life nesamoochevidnoe monuments like physical objects, their relationship with the outside world, people and their like objects, and is not our fault if it reminds nezrelischnoy

  • Content Marketing and rock and roll. Book-muse to conquer clients on the Internet

    ABC Copywriting and writing texts proposed to us by the author. Minimum water, everything is structured clearly and in detail what, plus, as the current non-fiction books sin that on pages 300 smeared

  • Control

    Finding out is the case when it is not necessary to rely on the cover of the book, information about the author or, God forbid, annotation, - and it is better just to read its text. Those who for the sake

  • Coraline

    is terrible, but not quite ... Book incredible, magical and impossibly interesting! And it is really a bit scary, though slightly. Coraline girl here just a little brave heroine! While I understand that

  • Corporation lemniscate. And start counting

    , "Corp. lemniscate" - it is almost one in odinTaymlessKerstin Gere, only in Russian entourage of the previous years, instead of adolescent students have older characters. And so all the doctor ordered:

  • Crematorium

    Such seemingly small volume book totally captured me and still do not want to let go. For a long time after reading, I did not feel so much emotion. And, perhaps, I regret that I finished reading it late

  • Crime and Punishment

    After so many years of widespread exaltation of this novel approach it with fear and trembling, as a kind of monument, the Colosseum, the Great Pyramid. Pre-flight preparation for the even. But he, Dostoevsky.

  • Crime and Punishment

    Crime for the theory deserves punishment Frankly, I'm confused: I can not say that the novel "Crime and Punishment" I did not like, but also unequivocal delight I experienced. Incidentally, in my memories,

  • Crimson Peak

    & quot; Ghosts exist in reality. Now I know that & quot.; (c) "Love. Death. Ghosts. Peace, bathed in blood." The story, which could be a fairy tale about Cinderella, who found her prince charming,

  • Crow Road

    "- Every person, Prentice, their individual absorption spectrum ... - absorption spectrum? - I asked skeptically ... - People absorb a lot of things. Other people's interests and so on. If the spectrum

  • Crystal cork

    Arsene Lupin is faced with a new enemy. And it's not Herlok Sholms - annoying, disturbing, but almost equal in intelligence and dexterity Lupin, and therefore is not particularly dangerous. It is not Isidore

  • Culinary hits from the Olympic champion, or just a quick recipe

    book Helena Vaytsehovsky, Olympic champion and sports journalist, it turned out to be the same as I do. It is not just stupidly lined terrific heaped or vice versa, and it is not clear from what made ​​recipes.

  • Culling

    Alternative history or dystopia ... or, conversely, a utopia - it's as you like. Russia, where the service was introduced culling people. Mass cleaning population of criminals of all kinds - from the oligarchs

  • Curiosity Shop

    & quot; Do not believe the pictures & quot;! Or & quot; My acquaintance with Dickens & quot.; One day, while wandering among the shelves laden with books, my attention was caught by a small,

  • Damned horn

    I'll miss. This series won me in all possible ways. I'm probably like most, is not particularly fan of contemporary Russian writers, and then got on board in the flashmob, despite the restrictions, I decided

  • Dandelion Wine

    Summer, ah summer! Indeed, the very old book! Popal and mood, and under the weather, but in general at the beginning of summer. It carries so much light, heat, everything is illuminated by the sun, cicadas

  • Dandelion Wine

    Magically! Not much is able to touch me. This book vyryvvala me from reality and transferred into a completely different world, the world of the summer, childhood and venerable old age, the world of dreams

  • Dangerous Liaisons

    Until then I love epistolary novels! Thanks to all these letters you like to climb to the head of each character, look at all the action is at hand, and his glazami.Roman "Dangerous Liaisons" I wanted

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