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  • Dark vision. Obsession

    excellent series of books was lost among the "vamp. Sagas" and gained most of its readers. Series even in this social network, has a very small number of those who read it. At the moment, "Dark videniya.Oderzhimost."

  • DC Comics characters Encyclopedia

    very little information on each character, many minor characters do not exist. I would like a detailed description, including the essential comic book where the character is found, some chronology of events,

  • Dead Zone

    Now close your eyes and answer without hesitation! There are spoilers. Do you have the feeling that you have to do something, or thought about undone will haunt you forever, something like an obsession?

  • Deadpool: Kills the Marvel Universe

    Chic comics, in some places could not help think of its existence, its purpose. So it's not simply a bloody benefit talkative mercenary AKA dead pool. It is necessary to pay tribute to the inventive talent

  • Deceptions Locke Lamoreaux

    Originalgoe fantasy, a world Beginning books are not tightened, it was all messy, mixed a real story and remembering the past. But after a third of the book everything went like clockwork, and in the end

  • Defeodorizatsiya

    small funny story, lot me in it to have fun. The only thing I did not like the story oversaturation invented technical details. Somehow, some modern fiction apparently believe that the more abstruse unfamiliar

  • Deniskiny stories

  • Despair

    desperate attempt to get to know. Finally, the finished one of my biggest long-term construction. Oh, no, reading the book took only a couple of days, but how long I was to her. With Vladimir Nabokov light,

  • Despair Street

    As expected, I thought that the book - another trehstoronnik Banks, with familiar elements of previous works, their takrakanami and so on ... But it was on - drugomu.Vy when - ever looked into the soul

  • Diabetes child

    How changes the awareness of the existence of books of their own children! Before reading the story about the difficulties of children and adolescents in times of war and repression, I was going through

  • Diamond endgame

    This detective with a stunning wrap I read two days, despite the fact that the book is quite thick and weighty, in hardcover. Detective, exactly as promised in the summary reveals interesting facts about

  • Diana

    Memories of school No, I will try to read it when they read all the books on the flashmob, but as long as I did otlozhu.Osilila the first 80 pages, and Aware of Rule 50 pages, has decided to postpone the

  • Diego and Frida

    I am still impressed. And from the book and from the artists ... Very dynamic and expressive even places to read in one breath. You read about the painting, and then I want to find her and see the details,

  • Digital

    Maryna and Serhiy Dyachenko in his repertoire - the book was fun, catchy and topical. Slightly weaker than В«Vita NostraВ» on zubodrobilny and overall degree mozgovynosa, but much more close to reality,

  • Dinner

    An excellent book for those who love the TV series and the history of "one day" or "several hours". The style of writing and the construction of heads resembles Arthur Hailey, the same division into stages,

  • Divergent

    food to the mouth, the expansion of the mind Veronica Roth debuted with the novel "Divergent" at age 23. About the author of the anti-utopian cycle is known not so much. Well, thank God! Currently dystopia

  • Divergent

    "People can not always be only good, sooner or later the bad things come back, and everything starts all over again" .Vot and finished my book journey with a brave girl named Tris. It all started back

  • Divergent. Long time

    not badly written. even this book aroused in me a little courage. This book showed me that one should never be afraid of their Strahan to fight it. an ordinary small fraction devochkareshila leave their

  • Dizziness

    gloomy, cold, horrible story about what can a man, being in an extreme situation. If you remove the film from this book, it will be chto-to like "Saw" (in my head already selected images and actors) Well,

  • Do no harm. Stories about life, death and Neurosurgery

    world behind a white curtain. All six long years while I was in medical school at the pharmacist, I received an infinite number of the same issue of the familiar and unfamiliar people: "Why not a doctor?".

  • Do not let me

    in the comments and reviews of the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro's "Never Let Me Go" accent often makes strange inability on the protagonists clones try though somehow to protest against his position and his

  • Do not look back

    I'll need a lot of time to relive everything that happened, but I do not look back. Yes, no one said it would be easy. Life is a hard thing. I need a lot of time to relive everything that happened, but

  • Dog's life and purpose

    Read all dog lover I love dogs, I think these animals are most faithful and true; therefore, often I read something on a "dog" theme. This book I liked it at 100%. The first thing that captures, is that

  • Doll and dwarf

    modern philosophy of outdated philosophy. I was pleasantly surprised by Zizek, initially treating it with skepticism and distrust. It just so happened that adhere to the principle of necrophilia (if you

  • Domino.

  • Dona Flor and her two husband

    about eating and shame If your guest wish even more exquisite dishes, something quite special, in short, the food of the gods, then gave him a beautiful, young widow, washed with tears of sadness and loneliness,

  • DoГ±a BГЎrbara

    and Llanera happy under its palm roof Unfortunately, the Venezuelan novel 1929 is beyond relevance. At the time, he was certainly important, because it talked about yet literary obscure Latin America,

  • Dr. Danilov in a madhouse or a terrible story with a happy ending

    itself is a series of Dr. Danilov me, in principle, like: a novel is just enough for the evening, to escape from the harsh reality and unload brains. Anything's better than mindlessly chasing another arcade.

  • Dr. Faustus

    On the verge of Art This book was read hard, but at the same time very interesting. Sometimes he learned in Leverkiihn himself, why the interest in further events only adds ... Music ... Like a lot of

  • Dr. Sachs

    Roman mastered the second time, and it seems to me that for a full understanding, you will need to read it a couple of times. Too fast, raging, sweeps away everything in its path, a work which will not

  • Dracula

    So, where to begin. Since it is a classic work written in an appropriate style. Frankly, I expected this from a very different story, but unfortunately or fortunately, my expectations were not fulfilled.

  • Dracula

    Finally, I decided to read "Dracula" Stoker, who gave rise to all the subsequent history of the vampire. When there was a general obsession with "Twilight," I, too, came under the influence Meyer books

  • Dracula

    's hard to write a review. I can not understand I liked the book or not. So, the young lawyer Jonathan Harker arrives in Transylvania at the invitation of a certain Count Dracula to help him with the purchase

  • Dreamer

    little sad, but wonderful book. I stumbled on it at random and have not regretted that took her. History allows us to look to adults at ourselves, to understand what they are in the eyes of children. We

  • Drop all the way and go forward

    This book, as the name implies, is designed to make the reader to discard everything that hinders and the go-ahead, but she threw me a couple of years ago. Paradoxically, I was expecting a last resort

  • Drow tenacious

    Book to relax Actually, I'm not a fan of this genre. But I'm in love with "love", one that "large and clean." And when the relationship is beautifully described, I can not resist. There is the case. This

  • Druzhbe @

    This is something new and unusual! The book became a discovery for me, a breath of fresh air in the hot desert LR genre. The first hundred pages of my smile never left the face: so unusual and attractive

  • Dutch without problems

    , only the first story like it. The remaining two have a second, so generally the target. A few words about each say) - "Dutch without problems," the Pope decided that the child would be nice to learn

  • Dynamic equilibrium

    perfect complement happened to epilogue "Black Prince"! And I think that there is a fierce happened, and after her wedding disorder Keyrenom said nothing more. And then there's Ingolf appeared on the horizon!

  • DС–vchina in potyagu

    It all started with the fact that a week ago I looked vknizhny shop. He went himself considered the book, chose something that would be to my liking. Then I stumbled upon this book. "DС–vchina in potyagu".

  • Earth Sister

    In terms of emotions is a disgusting story. And no svolochizm all humanity, I can not justify the betrayal of a friend opened to you. Well, if the author's purpose was dolbanut the nerve - that he succeeded,

  • East

    This book amazing north-fantastic atmosphere. She vortex sucked me into your space and not let go until the last page. I read until 7:30 am, but stop meant to break this fragile transparent structure of

  • East of Eden

    Flashmob 2016 2 / 13Steynbek rocked my world when reading "The Grapes of Wrath" a few months ago, and I called the book "one of the worst books ever read." (Review) and I promise to return him with novel

  • East of Eden

    When I read a good book, something like becoming one of the world inhabitants of the sending me, watching what is happening as a real. But there are not very good books. And then it seems that you are

  • Eclipse

    "In the air, almost physically felt the sweetness of the meeting: the emptiness of separation had a bitter taste, which I noticed only when he disappeared." When I read the book, I wanted to write a review

  • Edelweiss for Eva

    Well what can we say .. With creativity Roy I know, and basically his female novelettes I was quite happy to say so to unload the brain. Edelweiss for Eve is the most uninteresting and not believable story.

  • Edge Winds: nekromans

    In the distant edge of the .... When I started to read this work (another samizdat), I did not even realize where, what kind of world, and in what time is in general hero. The book is a strange, unusual

  • Elite

    Not just any book impressed. "I love you, I do not like." And so all knigu..Tolko now to join this Throwing more and Maxson. Marley honestly surprised, she seemed so interested naivnoy.Ochen time with

  • Empire

    Simak was very fond of this novel (in fact, the story) because he wrote it "on request". In John Campbell, editor of NF-journal В«AstoundingВ», was suzhet novel and he asked her to put Simak, and he

  • Empress Orchid

    Find materials about Cixi began after Pearl Buck's masterpiece "Empress". I expected to read something equally brilliant, but ... Book Anchi Min - it's just a cheap woman's love affair with the historical

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