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  • End of the beautiful era

    Paphos. Not in the anti-Soviet pathos of "second-rate country" "I second-rate" the pathos of "The End", does not it. Two reasons for the brilliant tie of words and meanings of the verses, circa 1970 goda.Pafos

  • Ender's Game

    Playing Orson Scott Card has never stood out among American fiction. One day, flashing a cycle of novels about Ender Wiggin, he was unable to repeat his success, which began back in 1985th year. The target

  • Ender's Game

    "This is not a game," a science fiction novel by Orson Scott Card. The novel is the processing of the story "Ender's Game", created in 1977 godu.Eto first book in the series "Ender Quintet", actually only

  • Ender's Game

    is a rare case when I first looked adaptation, and only then read, and the book itself. Doubly so rare that there is quite comparable with the film adaptation of the original - boring and improbable story

  • Endless rain

    good, good story to the old, but a good idea. The story of a small group of soldiers who have long been looking for a sunny dome under the endless rain. They have almost no food and energy. And so they

  • Endless Sea

  • English house. Intimate History

    Me and my girlfriend just consistently raise the issue in a few years as to where we wanted to go on a visit, if we had a time machine. To the same question, I came back and sometimes alone with itself.

  • Envy. Not a day without a line. Stories

    again revolutionary clowns "a scar on the face of the revolution," "the same night, he dreamed that the young man hanged himself at the telescope," "Day folded up shop. Roma in the blue vest carrying him

  • Eternity sold at a discount

    acquainted with the work of the author about six years ago and still feel for his works of particular interest. The most interesting thing in the books that they are different. Here you can find the serial

  • Evdokia Rostopchina. Poems. Prose. Letters

    & quot; He is old and ETS & quot; Evdokia Rostopchina Alexei Petrovich Yermolov Thoughts like lace. Strings stretch-woven wove, and do not know where will the next round. You read about Brodsky,

  • Eve of All Saints

    and sweets, and passion-cheeky What do you say, guys? You want to solve two puzzles at once? Spotted, rescue Pifkina and at the same time learn the secret of Eve of All Saints - kill two dark secrets of

  • Evening News

    This book is a bit different from the usual and favorite Hayley, but does not become worse. At this time, we are able to look behind the scenes of everyday life of the journalist. Eternal race for news,

  • Evil soul

    Never King !!!! I'm not like any story, any line of investigation, no love line ... Boring where not disgusting. And where it is not contrary to, then bored. Really do not need to read pregnant and impressionable.

  • Faded uniform of

    Japanese detective is very different from their counterparts. Eastern culture imprint, a kind of ethics of relations at work and in everyday life. Political detectives, Japanese and Italian, for I have

  • Family kitchen

  • Fan

    So, of course, I reacted with skepticism to this book, because frankly I do not like young adult with a pretty vanilnosyushnym plot, but still began to read it - because I love slash fanfiction (yes, yes,

  • Farm animals

    "Animal Farm," George Orwell, it is preparing a kind of sketch for "1984". I agree with Erich Fromm that, do not think that the story - especially a satire on the Soviet Union; this also applies to the

  • Father Brown

    From the first story, "The sapphire cross" appeared slight bewilderment: a strange method to search for the criminal motayas big city in search of "something unusual" does not want to fit into the usual

  • Fault in Our Stars

    Recipe How to cook the perfect novel popular youth novel? Take two young people, add more love, season with all this adolescent sarcasm and easy humor. We throw a couple of phrases that pretend to become

  • Faust

    It is a must-read! The list of products that must be entered to read this work for a long time and the amount of interference and cultural influence on enlightened society is one of the first places. About

  • Fayroll. Sicilian Defense

  • Fear

    Fear - something that can make a person a shapeless and lifeless shadow of himself and turn a good man into a real monster. The main character of Stefan Zweig has become something of a cross between a

  • Fell. Grad doomed

  • Fencing Master

    can say at once that I was not happy, so I will not sing the praises. The story is interesting, I admit, but it is almost all gone in the last seventy pages. Yes it is about honor and courage and thirst

  • Fifth Character

    This is a very boring book! And it's not that I like the dynamic novels boevki, twisted story (though a bit and this)). But I really liked the fact Cranford! It was interesting to read about the life of

  • Fight Club

    Fight Club. The book, which tramples you into the shit, do not give the right values ​​in life. Man goes to people with cancer to feel more alive. Grappling with the system of suppressing and

  • Fight for the future of

    Respect to the author for lack of intergalactic battles, aliens and description of the country, etc. Frankly, that is what expected to find in the book, when I saw the cover. But no, the very soul out.

  • Finance

    It rubbish, sorry, but that's it for me. The book suggested a businessman - a video blogger. I thought a hundred of these people really be stupid to listen and download the audio version. At first everything

  • First Law. Book 2. Before they hang

    Fentezyatina GK Continuation of the series turned out very good, if in the first book before the author ekshon rocked polknigi there swung at a third. Ekshon though not very ekshonisty, but it is currently

  • Five piglets

    weaned, I still from Agatha Christie! I forgot about that classic always - above all praise. And for good reason. After all, it is above all praise! Murder investigated by Hercule Poirot sixteen years

  • Five that are waiting for you in heaven

    after "time keepers", I liked so much that I brought him to the list of favorite books, I could not pass by another author of the novel, the more he came to me on paper. Although in comparison with the

  • Flesh and blood

    flesh and blood family Stassos About the novel: a family saga describing the lifetime of several generations: the Greek and Italian Marie Constantine, their children, Susan, Billy and Zoe, grandchildren

  • Flowers for Algernon

    negation of the negation story "Flowers for Algernon" caught my childhood almost every SF collection. It was immediately clear (by title and abstract), that this story with more claims. I was not impressed

  • Flowers for Algernon

    Enjoyment with a touch of sadness. I read the book with great pleasure, though not to say that it is straight with his head pulls, no, but the process of reading a lot of pleasure brings. I'm madly in

  • Flowers for Algernon

    How motivates this book! The author tells us: "Look how much you given about how many opportunities to improve themselves and the world around us.." I was very much in the soul sunk recent reports Gordon:

  • Flowers for Mrs Harris

  • Flowers in the Attic

    pain, tears, religion, illogical behavior, narcissism, domestic violence, greed, intsest- this is what should be written in the annotation to the book. In general, and three stars for it - luxury. And

  • For a moment in the wind

    there are such works, after reading that you can not for a long time opomnitsya.Dlya me "Instant in the Wind" is such a book is. The first time she came into my hands, when I, as a teenager, was in a sanatorium.

  • For Twilight

  • Forbidden fruit

    Bloody Fun Laurell K. Hamilton is known in the literary community as the queen of vampire fiction. Of course, we have to share this title with Anne Rice, but in this world without competition nikuda.U

  • Forgotten Realms

    This book - a completely Non-Fiction, rather documentary, but written in such a wonderful language that I always imagined in front of his companion. In lectures and in a lively conversation - over a cup

  • Fragile things

    absolutely, absolutely extraordinary collection of short stories. With him something and began my acquaintance with the works of Neil Gaiman! If not for the advice of my older friends, I would have lost

  • Frankenstein: Dead and alive

    Well, explain to me, seven, one does not understand. Koontz has written many novels. And there are also very bulky. So a fig Frankenstein something like this happened! This is not a series of novels, in

  • Frappe of snow last

    God, it was just amazing. A beautiful story of forgiveness and renewal on the background of the hospital to sing. All the best traditions Gorovoj. Each of us has nepravelnye decisions that we regret in

  • Fried Green Tomatoes at the cafГ© & quot; stop & quot;

  • Friends-poisoner

    Since I have today turned out to be a day shorter books I wanted to read for a long time, I decided to finish it this little book here. And, oh, I should not have done it. This book is disgusting. In all

  • From notebooks

  • Fugitive

    Interestingly Interesting stories with a very surprise ending (at least, I was surprised so many times, how many stories in the collection). Women's prose. For women. About women. BUT: without honeys,

  • Game Angel

    The remarkable close, but whether it is necessary for you? What was it? A few days reading greedily! What story? What is it final? Hmmm ... very ambiguous product! From the first pages with ease language

  • Game of Thrones

    Come to me not in winter white It's no secret that George Martin and Roger Zelazny were good friends. Each has made ​​a significant contribution to world literature. But, unlike Zelazny, international

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