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  • Games demiurges

    Very nice collection of mini-stories from the everyday life of two friends-demiurges Shambambukli and Mazukty. The first is still new to the creation of the worlds, often do not know what to do, and consults

  • Games demiurges

    Satirical talk about human stupidity ... This book is featured in many blogs and always valued very highly. It consists of small sketches of the lives of two friends-demiurge. This format is very useful,

  • Generation X

    Finding pleasure through suffering guy gave the order to write a documentary book about his generation, thus given an impressive advance in the amount of (22 500), and here's a frank and ambitious book

  • German boy

    book is read as part of a flash mob-2016 to sovetuletzte_instanz .Mne really liked the way the book is written, read, so that does not come off, the era maintained immaculately. But the story left a lot

  • Gigi

    At first glance - it is a very nice little small work of love. But if you look closely - what do we see? Relatives who want to make their child's mistress and kept woman, to help them financially. Thirty-three-year-old

  • Girl with a Pearl Earring

    I certainly people distant from the arts, so I can not say anything about the creative line Vermmera, but surprisingly I have seen the most famous painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring" .Kto author was -

  • Girl, 15, Charming but Insane

    I wrote this book three essays in English and twelve pages of notes, but for some reason the last four months, I can not write on it a poor review. I've only been able (able-ah!) To compile all of these

  • Girls

    Many times watched the same film, and did not reach the hands of the book, and not too desirable. What I can say now, after reading I am not disappointed, but the movie I still like. It seemed brighter

  • Giver

    Hi, another dystopia. At this time, the genre of YA (Yes, I have decided how to go through the list) .book children, so I will judge it as a child. Although quite a adult themes and questions in this book,

  • GK Chesterton. Hunting stories. Poet and madmen. Stories. Five righteous criminals. Paradoxes of Mr. Pond. Unpublished stories

    Gilbert Chesterton & quot; Five Righteous Outlaws & quot; Oh, it's just a great thing! I read in one breath! Especially amazed and remembered rasskazypro killer who killed for the sake of good,

  • Glad. Dawn over Maydmanom

    From the book remains some dull, dark finish, it's all solid depressuha. Unmotivated cruelty, heaps of corpses and blood Mountain, continuous suffering of some, however, who are not capable of any reader

  • Glass City

  • Glass Throne

    My name is Selena Sardotin.No it does not change. I still finished with you, how would you have me or called - Selena, Liliana or dryanyuPervoe that I would like to say is that "glass throne" - is one

  • Go Ask Alice

    Alice I do not believe! Coined by moimoschuscheniyam blog! Even before the end unable to read, maybe because before that read, "I, my friends and heroin" (read in one breath). And this is just a fictional

  • Go set a watchman

    KnigaHarper Lie - Kill peresmeshnikaproizvela very strong impression on me. I have not read these at the same time good and wise books, the characters of which I would have liked so. "Go set a watchman"

  • Go set a watchman

    killed Mockingbird killed. I'm one of those people who is very kind to the offspring of the now deceased Harper Lee - "To Kill a Mockingbird," poetomuogromnoy happy to learn that soon it will be possible

  • Goat Young lady and the ghost of a little mouse

    Definitely 5!) I love Neil Gaiman's book and therefore could not in any way to pass this book because its author is the illustrator of virtually all books Gaiman, Chris Riddell. And I can say, it is wonderful!

  • Goat Young lady and the ghost of a little mouse

    Gryanul-Thunder Hall. The huge old mansion, surrounded by gardens of varying degrees of mystery (the secret garden, secret garden the most, etc.). In it live, Lord Hoth and his daughter Ada, and the servants,

  • Goddess in the kitchen

    I quit ?! The book is very pleased! Samanta- typical workaholic, all the time at work, free time is not catastrophic. Yes, Samantha, she is nothing against such a schedule is. She arranges her life, but

  • Golden fires

    after the first book of the tetralogy, I thought "it, in any slip at the end of the author, and even a second is not cool." Reading the second, flashed a thought "bliiin, cool, may even be better than

  • Golden Temple

    Yukio Mishima is incredible! The book is very interesting. The struggle of the spiritual with the body, with a beautiful lowland. Beliefs uncertainty of the protagonist. Realistic, vivid descriptions.

  • Goldfinch

    True friendship - slow growing plant that needs to be tested in trouble and distress, before it is name. George Washington probably what I'll write, many seem primitive, but Donna Tartt I have been associated

  • Golem and the genie

    tale for adults serdets.Dva creation. One big city. General History of loneliness. He - Jeanne. She - Golem. Between them, there can be nothing in common, but they met, became friends. They were united

  • Golem. Stories

    have read the foreword. Understood nothing. I thought, I will start a book - all understand. Chapter One "Dream". Most do not understand anything. Well, read on. The protagonist of the golem. No. Yes.

  • Gone with the Wind

    many years, "Gone with the Wind" was my favorite book. Dug up at the moment of idleness in the country, the two volumes of the book took me with her ​​head! Stunning strong characters with

  • Gone with the Wind. In 2 volumes. Volume 1

  • Good girls do not get a lot of money, and the best of men!

    For me personally, the book did not open, it lists the truths, how to become a successful woman, not only in business but also in personal life. It is one thing to know what you need to be to achieve all

  • Good stories and poems kids

    Ah childhood! A wonderful children's book! Familiar to us from childhood, poems and tales are read easily inesomnenno like your child. We have presented this book and I am very glad I was able to acquaint

  • Gray. Christian Grey of fifty shades

    My advice: do not waste your time and money on this book. No, really, it's not worth it. And this I say to you who have read the first 3 books in the same breath. And now for poryadku.Uznav that came out

  • Great Gatsby

    a long time to look closely to the book - about 30 years on the cover of the publication, the brother of the library, was depicted an old man at 80, looks like a Koshchey drooping over with gold. And with

  • Green Mile

    book in pictures or movie on the pages? Sometimes, there is absolutely no difference between the salvation of the soul and condemn it to perpetual mukiK his thirty years I saw only 3 films, which were

  • Groom Thirteenth

    Book, charming It was the first book of the author, and the second in the genre fentezi.Ponravilas dynamic, easy language, happy ending, and well Beaten romantic stseny.Geroinya optimistic, not vindictive,

  • Groom Tokyo

    I like this book so that all the reading she carried some easy charm of a fairy tale. While I was reading the book, I dreamed of the same groom, like Amelie. Such a perfect man, in my opinion of course.

  • Guide astronauts life on Earth. Taught me 4,000 hours in orbit

    is hard to write a review of this book. It is definitely good, definitely interesting, pouchayuscha and useful, not only as an "astronaut guide to life on earth", but also as a guide to time management

  • Gun Dead Man

    would seem - this book has almost all the ingredients to become noticeable, and at least the original book in the now fashionable genre. In reality, the events, the source, a mixture of magic and technology,

  • Guys (set of 2 books)

    Modern man, a resident of a large city, stop for a minute, you liberate yourself from the entangled problems and concerns such important and complex, and in his mind transferred to where your roots are,

  • Guys (set of 2 books)

    eerie in its realism family saga. If the writers decided to withdraw series about life in the village of the last century, a better material than Peasants Reymont find. It's as if The Quiet Don wrote Gogol

  • Guys (set of 2 books)

    whom in Russia (in Poland) to live well? Yoo-hoo! I made it!!! Apparently I'm a little out of the habit of just hmm .. long works, but I read it! Hooray! Thus, joy and jubilation in the direction that

  • Half brother

    is important is not what you see, but what you think you see. I thought I was going to read a cozy family saga. Let cool in Norwegian, but with family skeletons in closets, with gradual unraveling, meetings

  • Ham on Rye

    Catcher with by shit Decent growing novel, a kind of "The Catcher in the Rye" uncensored and unvarnished. The protagonist of the book (the alter-ego of Bukowski) throughout the narrative tries to figure

  • Happiness Mura

    I do not know ... It seems that the author is not mine. Like the children arrived for the summer in the village, and it should be interesting. But no. Life. Boring. Dull life. Boring adults. Boring children.

  • Happiness without borders. The search of the meaning of life

    Nice book Here he met Rami, had long desired, he saw in the library, could not resist. I read very quickly - I think it is necessary to read povdumchivee. To bookmark pages 10, after the rewrite to sit

  • Harem

    God knows what this book is written. Romance novels can be called a stretch: Th-that somewhere in the background flashed languid love Sultan to their wives, and all such boundless holy. Avtorsha sort of

  • Harmful profession

    in the whole collection - a very good and strong collection of short stories. And although I still think that the stories are not the forte Divov, this collection you can read all safely and happily. Now

  • Harrowing creation of stunning genius

    Once again, not a story, not a review, and hell knows what Lately somehow much older, I became interested in the topic. What is a "mature"? When a person becomes an adult? Right now he is a child ... Oh,

  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    The story of Harry Potter, which has the name implies the protagonists encounter with the inhabitants of the Secret Room. Initially, this part makes me sometimes a rejection. I do not really think I could

  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    bright spot gleaming in the rays of the setting sun, the old tin lizzie dive in fluffy bags oblakov.Neuklyuzhe cut the air, pushes gaining altitude and carrying hapless travelers in the heavenly heights.

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    The next book about the adventures of Harry Potter. With age, the characters story becomes more interesting and more dangerous. This part deals with competition between schools of Witchcraft and Wizardry

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    No detskimskazkam etvС‘rty that a series of "Harry Potter and all-all-all" is much more serious and bigger previous three. More in "Prisoner of Azkaban" mother Rowling clearly hints to the reader, that

  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    This part of the reason I like it is smaller than all the others. Perhaps this is due to the fact that here there is the first death that touches the reader to the core. And even likely. Obviously, the

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