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  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

    is your favorite part of the story of Harry Potter ... I do not know whether it is a movie linked, or not, but it's "Prisoner of Azkaban" gives me the most positive emotions. Here and there an interesting

  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

    first part of the most famous stories about the boy wizard. Extraordinary world of magic and sorcery only opens to the reader. Striking author of skill in the disclosure of images: the characters were

  • Hatter's Castle

    So much has been said about this novel ... like ... someone, anyone - is disgusted after reading it ... Brodie Castle - catches in the process of reading and keeps in suspense for a few days after ...

  • Hatter's Castle

    The most classical classic, read by me. It is instructive. Suffice monotone. A sort of parable in a terrible house gather all the sins, one sin and cultivates a gloom indulges furious pride, anger, and

  • Head

    Whether the matter is that I do not like stories, because of the volume always seems to behold too superficial, though there are pleasant exceptions. However, this work did not become them. Whether it

  • Heat of the night in Carolina

    in the heart of the book - a commonplace murder, which occurs in a provincial American town. And at the end of the story the murderer is detained and awaiting a just retribution. It would seem nothing

  • Hello, sadness

    Well, hello, hello ... The name of the book saying. That it made ​​me read it. Impressions from reading rather strange. I can not say that I liked the book, but also a sharp shout '' no fun!

  • Hellraiser. Need for Speed

    ​​Most Dangerous demonic heresy - the denial of the existence of demons and ada.Genrih Institoris. To begin with, the film, I was not looking, and the book stumbled. I sat once in sorrow, not

  • Helm of Darkness

    This is the first book about Agent Pendergast, that caught my hand, though I wanted for a long time to get acquainted with the work of L. D. Preston and Child. Once, a very long time I was drawn to this

  • Hermit and Six-fingered

    But good, and very good! A small story, but a powerful impression. In it you can see the life-affirming parable about overcoming someone imposed "fate", the fight for the dreams and razdvizheniya boundaries

  • Hero of Our Time (deluxe edition)

  • Higher School Librarians. Magic knigohodtsev

    Warning: Spoilers! How madly I want to be on the site of Kira! After traveling from books-my dream with 5 as soon as learned chitat.Ne was able to break away from stories and bezumnohohotala momentami.Onaodna

  • History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters

    first book read in the new flash mob - and the love from the first line. I think it has everything that I look for in a great book: the idea (and not one), exquisite workmanship, the plot and stylistic

  • Hologram for the King

    [Suddenly discovered that a remarkable - and one of the best living - director Tom Tykwer has released a new movie. Yeah, we were waiting for it for a long time. Last solo ( "Love the three of us", as

  • Holy Evita

    book, which from what I was shaken out, and something in me to put this book and a biographical novel, and action-packed thriller, and investigative journalism, and much more. This book, and one woman,

  • Hotel & quot; Dead Mountaineer & quot;

    I've heard a lot about this book. And this could stop. I just have nothing to say more. Yes, and it is difficult to say something without the risk to give a spoiler, and the story in general, and is built

  • Hotel & quot; New Hampshire & quot;

    I did not expect this when taking advice in a flash mob. How much I liked "The Cider House Rules", with "Hotel" it was much worse. I'm not a prude, but to the middle of the book eternal conversations about

  • Hotel & quot; Pastis & quot;

    It is not like the superficial book. Bought for two reasons: I like books about Provence (I thought it would be something like, Joanne Harris, only in the men's version) and a very beautiful design (book,

  • Hour bookstore Mr. Penumbra

    Seriously, why "Convenience book Mr. penumbra"? Why not "Ubiquitous Google Sergey Brin" or "functional Macintosh Steve Jobs"? This is the online text, not a book. I guess that is actually in the corporation

  • House Secrets

    Hybrid "Jumanji," "Narnia" and even a couple of dozen books and movies. But fun to read. More precisely the first 2/3. Then things get too confusing, fleeting. The situation allowed spasmodically and finals

  • House with an attic

    Well, the book is twofold ... Missie ... this is all somehow annoying. Uncertainty men, not women confidence. Nobody likes. I remember Chernomyrdin - "We wanted the best, but it turned out as always".

  • How to fall in love without memory

    soul rejoices ... ... glad that there are such light, the life of the book in which the characters - real people and events happening with them - real life. Well, let the magic added drop (Ahern likes

  • How to grow a happy child. The principle of continuity

  • How to love your own body

    I'd like to learn how to safely put the books that I absolutely did not like, low scores and not to suffer with remorse. I always somehow terribly inconvenient to draw a small amount of stars, and then

  • How to write a brilliant detective

    sometimes read books not easy, but because it is necessary. Books Frey - in my opinion the most sensible, that was published in Russian by litmasterstvu (decal). And I found a shame that this book did

  • Human croquet

    novel entirely on what did not like, stunned, left a lot of questions for re-reading. A novel about a teenage girl alone, lost his mother (good) and the father (for many years 7). Girls with enthusiasm

  • Human story overboard the ship

    for me to "The story of man overboard the ship" was second, frankly vynuzhdennoypopytkoy meeting with Gabriel Garcia Marquez. because under the terms of a flash mob in 2016, I could not give up the reading

  • Hundred

    Interesninko watched the show, and then I saw aknigu. Overall, I liked the show. Someone said that there are many lyapom, but from my point of view is quite logical. For example, one of the main complaints

  • Hundred. Homecoming

    This is our Earth, our planet, and now it is time to decide what we are willing to take risks in the name of protecting it. In my opinion, the third book, the author gave a weak spot. Once all happened

  • Hundredth chance. Documentary story

    Gold Star I was always really difficult to talk about favorite books. It is especially difficult to talk about the works that have been written based on real events. With books, the plot of which is a

  • Hunters clouds

    Very unusual fantasy It seems to me I have never met so strange worlds)) Actually, I do not like science fiction, I do not like being in the book something too fantastic and unusual, but I liked this book

  • Hunters tС‘rnov

    In my opinion, the book was somewhat more correct and accurate, than I would have liked. Yes, indeed, the author writes well. A clear and logical plot. All grand pianos pulled out of the bushes and shrubs

  • Hussar

    In general, readable. Start of boring, but the narrative is gradually accelerated at the end of all was still well. Also, the characters at first irritate his naivety, but then again at the end of the

  • Hyperion

  • I - a legend

    To the Russian reader, this book comes only echoes of the film (with rare exceptions). I am one of those lazy, who only heard about the film, because free from the pangs sravnivaniya.Kniga consists of

  • I - Sniper Reich. He has 257 lives of Soviet soldiers

    is very interesting memuary.Bez embellishment and an attempt otsenki.Voobsche objective in this series of thematically fit enough to come across the memoirs, such as for example: "Steel coffins" -Gerbert

  • I broadcast from the tomb

    - absolutely sure - I replied. -You Will find it in the "About poisons" Taylor. I did not mention that hold this exciting guide on your bedside table to read and relax in front of snom.Flavii almost turned

  • I do not like to be late

    Quite a nice, quiet book for schoolchildren. Nothing special, but children are quite like an adventure. However, she loved unlikely to become. No story alone will not be able to allocate. Everyone was

  • I fought on the Po-2. & quot; Night wizards & quot;

    «Shura Polyakova, the only female pilot in our regiment. Her husband was with her ​​... ... their navigator shot down. She was able to land the plane. The navigator took a machine gun and

  • I have to tell

    Such books nuzhnochitat necessarily, especially if someone in your family has gone through a similar uzhas.Moya babushkavsego only brought forth the result godmolozheMashi proshlai ghetto and a concentration

  • I kill giants

    If you still have neusmirС‘nnye giants, this story sounds especially silno.Chitala without familiarity with rave reviews, with no great expectations and was pleasantly surprised. Excellent story. The

  • I swear eternal fidelity

    Abstract promised me a story of love and conflict, because they are enemies, but they love each other, but they are enemies. In general, already at the start I was looking forward to the beautiful scenes

  • I told the truth

    ironic ... and frivolous book. Easy to read, but fun, just to relax. For those who love the style books of Sophie Kinsella, is a German version. The plot of the story interesting: a young woman, a talented

  • I was 12 years old, I sat on the bike and went to school ...

    I do not remember how and why this book was in my e-book. She lay there for a long time and all the time reminded him of himself, literally required to read it, and I got down to it, knowing that there

  • I'll draw

    Once there was a princess Eva, she has a brother and a loving father. They build up of the race and every one of the races has its own feature. Eve artist and that it draws looks real (for example in the

  • I'm a bad mother? and 33 other issues that ruin the lives of the parents

  • I'm not afraid

    I think it's great - do not be afraid. Do not be afraid of neither past nor future, neither God nor the devil. To believe in the best. To believe in justice. In love. In life. Believing his father. Do

  • I'm the king of the castle

    Here there are such vile and earnest types Edmund heir to the castle owner and the son of a single man and you came to live here at the invitation of my mother worked as a housekeeper and you just live

  • I, Earl and dying girl

  • Ice Queen

    Enough strange story When you want to take a break and read something light, come to the aid of the book about love, experiences different emotions the characters and just a fairy tale. In general, all

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