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  • Icy lake

    first half of the book was openly skuchno.Takoe set of kinship and imen..nemudreno tangled around etom.Postoyanno had to go back to clarify who is kto.Primerno the middle, stanovitsyainteresney to heroes

  • Idoru

    And here again the world of Gibson. After the "virtual world" book seemed less grim and more futuristic and devochkovoy (this is due to Kya, or what?). As always, the reader is immediately transported

  • If I stay

    I will start with the cons: 1. Too "heavy" book. I could read it much faster if not for a certain slowness. Chore describes Mia's stay in the hospital, to the flashbacks no complaints about that. 2. cloying.

  • If I was Elephant

    wonderful book for children preschool age children! Very kind and cheerful. It's great that there are still good children's authors and a good children's literature. Read daughter (5 years) with great

  • Important years. Why not set aside for later life

    Courageous years thanks Meg Jay for trying to make a small allowance for young people, in the face of which the daily rush of various kinds zagadki.S children are engaged in the gardens, in schools and

  • In search of Charlie

    Small detective searching for a teenage girl. Nina with the kids and the beloved is going to spend Christmas in Florida. All together have long dreamed of such a journey, but on the eve of my daughter

  • Inferno

    I can not imagine what it all so got against the good old story about the adventures of Robert Langdon. In the novel, Dan Brown has not changed himself and created quite an interesting book in its best

  • Inkheart

    very versatile book. Suitable for both children and adults have forgotten, or not wanting to remember what it is - to live and to believe in miracles, and that good always triumphs over evil. As for their

  • Interview with the Vampire

    I like, probably the majority, began to read the book after already acquainted with her ​​on a film and, therefore, some knew that I was waiting for the story, what will be the plot and who

  • Interview with the Vampire

    Lost movie, you can read the book I'm sure, if not a screen version of the book in 1994 would not have gained such popularity. It is called "the best novel about vampires," a classic of the classics of

  • Intimacy. Talk not only about love

    Talk about intimate. "Communication in marriage -.. A very important moment, even then, maybe, just at a time when we have behind a lot together past years is necessary to talk about the needs, expectations,

  • Iron Cross

    Cross as a burden remarkable and worthy continuation of the series of books about the favorite of Patrick Hedstreme his (now) wife Erica her family, sisters, parents. Not so easy with a history of severe

  • Iron fey. Book One. Iron King

    Faith, worship, imagination ... we are born from the dreams and fears of mortals, and as long as we remember, no matter how vague, will live forever. I've realized one thing, the last time I let krivorukost

  • Iron test

    I think the book deserves to be read! Of course, reading it, could not avoid comparisons with the great Harry, but it happens with every book about magic school, which appeared (or will be) followed Potter

  • Island Sea

    Issues for discussion • The forced departure from the country. Causes. Difficulties. Prospects. • Fear of the loved ones, fear of the future. • Different cultures and customs - ground for

  • Island, or Justification pointless journeys

    in a good book on travel should be and geography, and history of the places in question, and the events that occurred on the road, and this should be reflected in the extraordinary personality of the author,

  • It's hard to be god

    Yeah, not easy to be a god, but a person to become even more difficult. It was an experiment. Normal experiment codenamed "Bloodless impact", the essence of which was as follows: members of the Institute

  • Jeeves, you - genius! Your took, Jeeves!

    Best Humor At first I was afraid that the book is not interesting to me, because I have watched the show. Fortunately, I was deeply mistaken. As in many cases, the book is much more developed story than

  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull

    Aerobatics. "The point is to realize that his true nature, his essence - perfect as an unwritten number, there is always time anywhere and space" by Richard Bach Trains to fly Flying is different from

  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull

    When I started reading this book, the only thought that was in my head: "What kind of nonsense ?!" A strange world where gulls are reasonable, talk to each other. But later I was filled this book, she

  • Jude the Obscure

    Before acquaintance with "Jude the Obscure" I once saw snatches adaptation of another novel by Thomas Hardy - "Tess of the d'Urbervilles." Despite the fragmentary perception, plot and denouement made ​​me

  • Junket with ghosts

    in general, maybe it was funny. But when these six stories were written. Now only knowing who it was written, you start to look for (and sometimes find, but only theoretically, laugh never pull) the very

  • Just love

    Oh ... where are my seventeen years ... I understand perfectly enthusiasm read, but, alas, they do not completely agree with. The book focuses on girls. Young and romantic. Adults aunts like me, all of

  • Kafka on the beach

    My acquaintance with H. Murakami began with this book, a year has passed since it was reading, but I have not decided yet again to take up the works of the author. The book is controversial: I can not

  • Kahunshi song

    I probably unfeeling brute, but "Song Kahunshi" did not impress me at all. I constantly ask questions like "what?", Because nothing new has been seen in the novel. Perhaps if someone about India not read

  • Kashchenko! Notes not crazy

    Oh, this is not an easy topic to talk about and it is not easy and it even worth it? Maybe if you look away, squinting and quickly pass by, and it will not? And if you turn away, close his eyes and walk

  • Key of Solomon

    is probably best known (at least to me) grimoire containing information about Christian demonology and the Goetia. After watching the "Battle of psychics," and the TV series "Supernatural" is the most

  • KiberZolushka

    For a long time I went around this book. On the one hand, a lot of good reviews, but on the other, very unfeminine leg for the rest of the cover and Cinderella with the prefix 'cyber'. Cinderella was expected

  • KiberZolushka

    wanted to meet with the genre Young Adult, and asked within the game TTT.Modernizirovannaya Cinderella Story. Earth future. Cinderella - a cyborg, which are considered "inhuman monsters" and garbage. Matcheha

  • Killer Without a Face

    & quot; The investigation is conducted ... & quot; What distinguishes this novel many other investigators - he zhiznennyy.Syuzhet, both from the criminal chronicle, absolutely real heroes with

  • Kim

    Kipling loved in childhood, but this beauty has passed somehow misses. Well, the beauty of the same! A sort of a tale of friendship in spy paints. Mowgli, raised by India) This is honestly, you can have

  • Kinokava

    This is the perfect book for those who want to immerse yourself in Japanese history and culture, and do not know where nachat.Zdes has it all - tradition and resistance to Western trends, especially the

  • Kitchen

    disappointment of the month or the rare case when the book Japanese author aroused disgust. A short novel "The Kitchen", I reserved the "dessert" in the course of 2 years, from the time as it learned.

  • Kitchens of the Great Midwest

    Man with a funny name John. Ryan Suffered wrote quite remarkable novel about love, food, love to eat, and about all those neperechislyaemye things that make people happy and miserable. In my novel, the

  • Kitten Lord God

    first acquaintance with the author took great) The book contains many istoriy- "fairy tales" as the names of avtor.Skazki these are not just for children, but also, of course, for adults, because many

  • Knigarmoniya

    about books without words. Balm for the soul and the heart. What is this book? About miracles, magic, pleasant melochah.Komu Recommended: All lyudyam.V first - knigolyubam.Protivopokazaniya: Otsutstvuyut.Kak

  • Kosmopsiholuhi. Volume 2

    This volume takes place all dvizhuha: capture, chase, rescue missions, space battles, dangerous journey through planets, brainstorming, ship repair, and even cloning (though with a guess the outcome).

  • Kosmotehnoluhi. Volume 2

    This is a real magic! All novels Olga Gromyko different amazing, unique, and no one else like magic. They are impossible to put down, they want to return again and again, their characters become your good

  • Kosmotehnoluhi. Volume 2

    Some may say that Gromyko and that scribbled "boobies" are not the same, but I'm absolutely delighted - it's a meeting with old friends! This is a book that you read not because they "should be read by

  • Krasnosheyka

    Harry Hole once again did not disappoint, I stretched the book as she could, but the unread pages became smaller and smaller. For me, this is the perfect detective, I have enough mysteries and murders,

  • Krasnosheyka

    Finally! The third book in the series about the inimitable Inspector Harry Hole captured me completely. The first two books have not caused such delight, and "krasnosheyka" - it's just wow! I was waiting

  • Krasnouhie turtles. Maintenance and care

    of the Turtle .... not a professional book is colorful, beautiful, smooth sheets. Many mi mi Mishnah illustrations with bugs. Newbie can even get something useful from this book! But I do not recommend

  • Lady of & quot; Missolongi & quot;

    A wonderful book. Easy and fun. Although an event never funny. The main character, Missy, is far from being young, lives with his mother and aunt, and nothing in life is seeing. Due to the injustice and

  • Lady's Hair

    Grass Roots live themselves and do not know that someone has her szhevalMihail Shishkin '' Venus volos''A again from the roots grow new grass, new life, new shoots, and shoots the newly regrown szhuyut

  • Lament

    eerie Fiction That book - a complete failure, I realized by reading chapter 1. But as a lover of travel, I have decided not to throw it, hoping for a miracle in the future. But the farther into the woods

  • Last camellia

    Book read 3 pm. First, on 40 pages, and on the last night read 200 immediately because it was interesting to see how it will end) I do not like to talk about the story, as you can read in the summary :)

  • Last elf

    sad to be the last ... last ... The last dragon elf ... What is it with all his being to understand that you are the most-the most recent at all-all around the world? At least it's very, very sad. It is

  • Last Love hypnotist

    when you want to unload the brain and heart from perezhivashek and complex thoughts, it's time to take another affair. for example, this. Helen - a hypnotherapist. She lives in the house late grandmother

  • Latest stories

    Somehow I did not understand the delight of my friends from this book. Book detain month, forcing himself well, at least a little bit more chitat.Pervy story went, as the theme was a little close to me.

  • Lazarus. Shadow Sword

    Swallow volume is difficult, but I can savor as fan art Simona Vilar, I was unpleasantly surprised to read the first half of the book. But the plot absorbed, like a snowball, nakatyvaya interest. Finished

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